Foundation Marketplace Review

Foundation Logo

Contents: Quick Summary Details about the company (founders, transaction volume, amount of NFT projects, etc) How does Foundation work? What currencies can you use on Foundation? What types of NFTs can you buy on Foundation? How do you buy an NFT on Foundation? How to store your NFTs How do you sell an NFT on […]

OpenSea Marketplace Review

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Quick Summary  I understand you may not have enough time to read my full OpenSea review, so here’s an actionable summary to help you in your research. OpenSea has built the world’s biggest NFT exchange very quickly. Given the amount of funding they’ve acquired, the active user base, and the general hype revolving around the […]

Rarible Marketplace Review

Rarible logo on pink and blue background

Contents: Quick Summary Details about the company How does it compare?  How to open an account? Is it safe? Can you mint NFT’s on it? How much does it cost?  Features Pros/Cons Rarible Rarible is an NFT Ethereum-based marketplace and has a history from the year 2020, which facilitates the creation, selling, and buying ownerships […]

Axie Marketplace Review

Axie Infinity is a game centered around fantasy creatures called Axie. The birthplace of the game is Vietnam. Axie Infinity rewards players with ERC-20 AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) tokens.