The real fantasy in Final Fantasy XIV is owning a damn house

Finding a place to call your own in Eorzea is a bureaucratic nightmare. Share this story Image: Square Enix Every week, I put 3 million of my hard-earned coins into an enterprise that I know will result in disappointment: the Eorzean housing lottery, where the odds have, so far, never been in my favor. Every […]

The predatory prison phone call industry is finally about to be fixed

/ A new law, which would allow the FCC to regulate the price of phone calls from prison, just needs President Joe Biden’s signature. The average price of a 15-minute phone call from jail is around $3.Photo by Michael Reichel/picture alliance via Getty Images A new rule allowing the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the […]

10 of the best games from 2022 for Windows PC

/ ‘Twas a year of great games, and if you recently got a new gaming PC or laptop, we’ve got a list of titles across genres you should not be without — from AAA stalwarts to endearing indies. Micha Huigen / The Verge It’s been a roller-coaster year for video game releases. Early in the […]

7 great series and movies from 2022 to stream on Disney Plus

/ From the ever-expanding MCU and Star Wars universes to hitting the right note with teens and adults alike, Disney Plus ends its third year on top. Illustration by Micha Huigen / The Verge Disney Plus is my favorite streaming service. It lets me indulge my Broadway passions (Hamilton, West Side Story), revisit my childhood […]

New iPad Mini could be a year away

/ Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says new processor will be the big draw. Shipping by the end of 2023, at the earliest. Apple’s iPad Mini launched at the end of 2021.Photo: The Verge Apple is updating its iPad Mini with a new processor, says respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The inbetweener is supposed to begin shipping […]

LG’s new minimalistic appliances are also upgradeable

/ For everyone that knows the only button a microwave needs is “Add 30 seconds.” LG’s new lineup of minimalistic appliances is coming in 2023.Image: LG LG Electronics has a new lineup of minimalistic appliances that removes all unnecessary buttons and decorative flourishes in a refreshing “less is more” approach. The fridge, washing machine, dryer, oven, and […]

Some New Year’s resolutions that won’t end up in your pile of shame

Culture/ How to / Please don’t call them ‘life hacks.’ Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/WireImage Oh no, it’s almost January 1st and you forgot to make a resolution! This doesn’t have to be hard. Like, I mean, if you want to do your first marathon, knock yourself out. But I’ve found simpler is better for resolutions. […]

Stop filming strangers in 2023

/ Unsuspecting people can get pulled into TikTok content without even knowing it. Can we leave that behind in 2022? Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge In my favorite TikTok video of 2022, an amateur interviewer with a tiny microphone approaches a stranger in an AC/DC T-shirt minding their own business. Pushing the […]