Why Medium failed

Few tech CEOs can claim to have steered the course of online conversation more than Ev Williams. In 1999 he co-founded Blogger, which helped to take blogging mainstream with a well designed, free tool that sold to Google four years later. In 2006 Williams and his co-founder followed with Twitter, which remains one of the […]

Amazon Prime Day 2022 live blog from Verge Deals

Update July 13th, 9AM ET: our Amazon Prime Day 2022live blog is back on for day two. We’re still in the thick of Amazon Prime Day. It started yesterday, and it’s lasting through the rest of Wednesday, July 13th. The good news for you is that many of the best deals are still happening, and […]

The best tech deals for day two of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Welcome once again, friends, to the best tech deals Amazon Prime Day 2022 has to offer. It’s now day two, and our Verge Deals team is ready for another round of serving you up discounts and deals that are actually worth a damn. Instead of trudging through Amazon’s annual garage sale of overstock items yourself, […]

When animation is an accessibility problem

Imagine entering a house with an endless series of doors and corridors. Behind some of those doors are the most delightful things imaginable: feasts straight out of Redwall, unicorns, an endless supply of scenic vistas, and unionized workplaces. Behind other doors, however, are grotesque and terrifying jack-in-the-boxes that pop up the minute you crack the […]

New emoji for iOS and Android include a high five and shaking face

It’s World Emoji Day on Sunday, so that means we’re getting a preview of the emoji that will eventually come to iOS and Android. While designs will vary per platform, Emojipedia has a draft list and sample images for Emoji 15.0. The Unicode Consortium only has 31 draft emoji this year that will likely be […]

TikTok is giving you new ways to control your For You page

TikTok is starting to offer users a new level of control over their For You page. The company announced today that you’ll be able to specify specific words or hashtags you don’t want to see in your feeds, and the app will automatically filter them out. TikTok’s examples are fairly simple — like when you’ve […]

Here are the best anti-Prime Day tech deals from Walmart

We’re in the midst of Amazon Prime Day, and yet some of the best Prime Day deals to be had aren’t on Amazon’s site at all. While Best Buy is calling its sales “Black Friday in July” — which makes even less sense than calling a two-day event Prime Day, singular — Walmart is running […]

The best Prime Day deals on Amazon devices

If you’ve been waiting to score a phenomenal deal on an Amazon device, today’s your lucky day. This year’s Amazon Prime Day is delivering a ton of great deals, but some of the best — naturally — are on Amazon’s own products. So if you’ve been eyeing the newest Kindle or one of the many […]

The Magic Leap 2 launches September 30th for $3,299

The Magic Leap 2 headset is launching on September 30th for a starting price of $3,299. The mixed reality device is a smaller and lighter successor to the 2018 Magic Leap, and among other improvements, it features a wider field of view — but also, as expected, a higher price. Magic Leap has already distributed […]