Woman receives 3D-printed ear made from her own cells

Doctors successfully transplanted a 3D-printed ear made from human cells onto a woman born with a rare ear deformity, 3DBio Therapeutics, the regenerative medicine company behind the implant announced today in a press release. The transplant was part of the first clinical trial of the technology, and its success marks a major step forward for […]

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is coming to Disney Plus on June 22nd

The sequel to Doctor Strange will be streaming at the end of the month. Marvel announced today that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be available on Disney Plus starting on June 22nd. The film, which once again stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular sorcerer and is directed by Sam Raimi, first hit […]

Paris’ Overwatch and Call of Duty teams are moving to Las Vegas

The Overwatch League has its first official team relocation. The Paris Eternal, one of the League’s two European teams, will move to Las Vegas for the 2023 season. Rumors of a potential relocation started after an eagle-eyed fan noticed that DM-Esports, the company that owns the Eternal and its Call of Duty League sister team, […]

Save $130 on Gigabyte’s RTX 3070 graphics card with no hassle

While the chip shortage has touched everything from appliances to cars, one segment of tech that’s seen the most challenges is graphics cards. The latest GPUs have been getting bought up and resold by price gougers since the beginning of the pandemic, but now, after signs began looking up in 2022, we’re getting the occasional […]

Get another shot at the PlayStation 5 today from Walmart

We’re still seeing short or no supply of PlayStation 5 consoles at many retailers and going weeks between new nationwide restocks. Hopefully, this summer will prove more fruitful, especially now that retailers like Amazon are taking invite requests to buy a PS5. As for a more imminent restock, Walmart has one scheduled for today that […]

How to use your smartwatch as a camera remote

Most people think of a smartwatch as a fitness gadget or a way to discreetly view notifications. But did you know that you can also use your smartwatch as a camera remote? Instead of scrambling to beat the timer for your next group photo or selfie, you can instead use your smartwatch to control your […]

Ring raised its subscription prices without warning, and owners are furious

Ring announced a handful of new features for its Ring Protect Basic plan this week. Subscribers will get access to 180 days of video (up from 60), some more alert options, and the promise of a lot of “coming soon” features. The catch? It comes at a cost: the price of the Protect Basic plan […]

Neptune Frost’s radical sci-fi future

Each story has a beginning, just as each has many interpretations, like dreams. For Neptune Frost, that story begins with an ending. More specifically, the death of Neptune’s grandmother. In the afterglow of life and the religious importance of moving on from the mortal plain, a comment from Neptune, played by both Cheryl Isheja and […]

You can request an invite to buy a PS5 on Amazon

Amazon is offering a new and more orderly way for shoppers to buy a PS5. You can request an invitation right here on the console’s product page (it’s to the right, where a “buy” button would normally be located), and the company says that if you’re chosen, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to […]