Vergecast: Meta’s executive shakeup, vaporware cars, and a WWDC preview

Every Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and editor-at-large David Pierce discuss the week in tech news with the reporters and editors covering the biggest stories. This week, Nilay and David, along with Verge managing editor Alex Cranz and deputy editor Alex Heath discuss the news of […]

The Realme GT Neo 3 puts other fast-charging phones to shame

You’re never going to find a phone like the Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition on a store shelf at Verizon or AT&T. For starters, Realme branded phones are usually only available in the US as unlocked global versions sold on Amazon, and they aren’t necessarily compatible with your wireless carrier’s network. This particular model […]

Apple TV’s Shining Girls is a genre-bending crime thriller

Over the past couple of months, Shining Girls has shown us, in rude and anxiety-ridden detail, exactly how life hasn’t been kind to newspaper archivist Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss). When we first meet her in 1992 Chicago, she says she chose her new name because it “sounded fun.” But I convince myself it’s because Kirby’s […]

Chromebooks 101: how to take screenshots on your Chromebook

Screenshots can be useful for a variety of reasons. For example, you can send copies of error messages to support services, show a friend what your game screen looks like, or save a tweet that you suspect is going to be deleted in a few minutes. Today’s laptops all include ways to take screenshots, and […]

Thermacell’s Liv smart system keeps mosquitoes at bay

I live in South Carolina, where the mosquito is the unofficial state bird. There are at least 61 different species of the bloodsuckers here, and I loathe each and every one of them. Beyond the itchiness, they spread serious diseases and can even transmit heartworm to cats and dogs. I’ve tried everything to combat the […]

BMW i4 review: better than expected

On the road, the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 looks like any other 4 Series. There’s a reason the four-door sedan with its gigantic kidney grilles and sleek roofline commands is one of the automaker’s best-selling vehicles. It looks the part of a German sedan, and the EV version of the vehicle is the fruit of […]

Elon Musk reportedly orders hiring freeze, 10 percent staff reduction at Tesla

Elon Musk emailed Tesla executives on Thursday, Reuters reports, telling them the company needs to pause hiring worldwide and cut its workforce by about 10 percent. At the end of 2021, Tesla said in a filing that it had 99,290 employees worldwide. In the email seen by Reuters, Musk cites his “super bad feeling” about […]

Behind the high-tech COVID-19 tests you probably haven’t heard about

When you think about getting tested for COVID-19, you’re most likely picturing two types of tests: the at-home rapid antigen tests you can buy at the drugstore and the PCR test where the results are processed by a lab. What you’re probably less familiar with are at-home molecular tests that you can buy online. In […]

New York lawmakers pass a moratorium on Bitcoin mining

The Bitcoin mining boom in New York state hit a roadblock as the State Senate passed a bill that will halt new permits for certain fossil fuel power plants to be used in Bitcoin mining. The measure, which also initiates a study on the environmental impact mining facilities are having in the state, passed in […]

Horizon, Resident Evil Village, and more are coming to PlayStation VR2

Sony’s latest State of Play showcase gave a glimpse into what games will support the launch of the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) headset. Neither a price or release date has been shared yet for the headset, but at least we know what kind of games we can look forward to. For what it’s worth, Sony committed […]