Hands-on with the new, more colorful, M2-powered MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has been an iconic laptop design since Steve Jobs slid it out of a manila envelope in 2008. This year’s model, which Apple just announced at WWDC and is also the first Apple laptop to come with an M2 chip, abandons the famous wedge-shape but also improves almost everything else about the […]

StockX hits back at Nike in legal battle over NFTs and counterfeit sneakers

Back in February, Nike sued StockX, a popular online sneaker reseller, for launching a non-fungible token (NFT) series based on Nike’s shoes. It then accused StockX last month of knowingly selling counterfeits — a thing that shouldn’t be possible since StockX claims it authenticates the shoes sold on its site. Now, StockX is hitting back. […]

Apple’s Weather app is finally coming to iPad

Apple is finally bringing its first-party Weather app to iPad as part of iPadOS 16. Finally. The first iPad launched in 2010, and it hasn’t had the official Weather app that whole time. The company shared a few screenshots at WWDC 2022, and if you’re familiar with the app on iPhone, it will look pretty […]

You’ll soon be able to use an iPhone as a Mac webcam

Apple is planning to allow macOS users to use their iPhone camera as a webcam. The new Continuity Camera feature comes as part of macOS Ventura, an upcoming update to macOS. Apple envisions MacBook users clipping an iPhone to the top of their laptops and using the camera to improve video calls in FaceTime, Microsoft […]

The iPhone 6S, 7, and first-gen SE won’t get iOS 16

Apple released details about iOS 16 today at its Worldwide Developers Conference, including which phones will be eligible for the update — and which didn’t make the cut. To download iOS 16, you’ll need an iPhone 8 or later, meaning Apple is more or less ending support for the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and original […]

Apple announces the iPadOS 16 features coming later this year

Apple has officially announced iPadOS 16, the latest version of its iPad operating system launching later this year. It shares some of its new features with iOS 16 and macOS, like a redesigned Home app and support for Passkeys in Safari, but it’s also getting some improvements of its own. There’s a new weather app […]

All the biggest news from Netflix Geeked Week 2022

For a second year in a row, Netflix is dedicating an entire week to nerdy new announcements. Geeked Week has returned for 2022, and each day has a different theme. It starts with TV shows on Monday, before moving through film, animation, Stranger Things, and gaming. Basically, there’s going to be a lot to keep […]

Netflix’s The Sandman wakes and dreams of freedom in new trailer

Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Sandman tells the tale of a timeless, anthropomorphic being who lords over a realm of dreams, the titular being in question isn’t the only supernatural power player with an important role in shaping this story. In The Sandman’s latest trailer that dropped as a part of this year’s Netflix Geeked […]

Apple adds medication tracking feature to the Health app

Apple is adding a new tool to remind people to take medications to the iPhone health app, the company announced today. Apple Watch is also getting additional sleep tracking features. The new medications app will let users add any drugs they take by either scanning a label on a medication bottle or searching through a […]