The ugly economics behind Apple’s new Pay Later system

Apple is getting into the “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) business with its new Pay Later service built into Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. While Apple bills the service as “designed with users’ financial health in mind,” BNPL is a practice that has come under scrutiny by government regulators as something that could potentially harm […]

Samsung finally put a TV in your fridge.

Samsung is releasing a new update for its Family Hub refrigerators that brings Samsung TV Plus — the tech giant’s free, ad-supported live TV service — to its fridges with a tablet built-in. At its second annual Bespoke Home event on Tuesday, the company said the update (which was first announced last year) will arrive […]

Facebook Gaming brings Crayta’s user-generated games to its cloud platform

Crayta, a platform that lets players create, share, and play games with friends, is coming to Facebook Gaming’s cloud-streaming service. The collaborative game-building platform is built on Unreal Engine 4 and features a library of thousands of player-made games users can browse or add to with their own creations. While Crayta shares the element of […]

What the EU’s new USB-C rules mean for the iPhone

This week, European Union lawmakers agreed on new proposals to force manufacturers of everything from smartphones and headphones to digital cameras and tablets to use the same universal charging port: USB Type-C. The plan is for the new rules to come into effect by fall 2024, after which these devices that charge using a wired […]

BioWare QA team unanimously votes to form a union

A team of quality assurance (QA) contractors who work closely with BioWare, a studio owned by EA, has voted unanimously (16 to 0) to form a union. The workers are employed by the Edmonton, Canada-based branch of Keywords Studios, making them the country’s first union in the game industry. Signs of unionization first emerged in […]

Apple’s medication feature is a step in the right direction

Apple isn’t inventing anything new with its medication tracking feature for iPhone and Apple Watch, which the company announced as part of watchOS 9 at WWDC 2022 this week. There are plenty of apps already on the market that give people alerts when they’re supposed to take their medications. But trying to get people to […]

Who turned Insteon’s lights back on?

Last April, Smartlabs switched off its cloud servers, leaving users of its Insteon smart home system without app or voice control of their connected switches, plugs, thermostats, and other devices paired to its smart home hub. It happened overnight with no warning, and now, the same thing has happened in reverse: someone suddenly turned the […]

Twitter will give Elon Musk “firehose” data access to settle bot complaints

Twitter is preparing to grant Elon Musk unprecedented access to platform data in an effort to address his concerns about automated accounts, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday. Citing a person familiar with the company’s thinking, the report says Twitter is preparing to give Musk access to the so-called “firehose” API that contains every tweet […]

Here’s your first look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

It’s no secret that Infinity Ward has been working on a sequel to 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and, now, the studio is finally unveiling its next blockbuster. It’s called Modern Warfare II, and it features both a single-player campaign that’s a direct sequel to the previous game as well as multiplayer including a […]

Android 13 beta reaches platform stability two months earlier than Android 12

Google announced Android 13’s third public beta today and says that it has reached platform stability. That’s an indicator that Google has locked in major updates, and from here until the final release, it’s all about putting on the finishing touches. It’s also reaching this milestone a full two months earlier than Android 12, which […]