Oracle thinks it can fix healthcare’s biggest tech issue

Just after closing a $28 billion deal to acquire electronic health records company Cerner, tech giant Oracle said it thinks it can solve one of the biggest tech problems in healthcare: patient records. The combined companies will create a national health records database that pulls in data from thousands of hospitals, said Larry Ellison, Oracle […]

How DALL-E could power a creative revolution

Disclaimer: All images in this story were generated using artificial intelligence. Every few years, a technology comes along that splits the world neatly into before and after. I remember the first time I saw a YouTube video embedded on a web page; the first time I synced Evernote files between devices; the first time I […]

The trouble with automated market makers – Cointelegraph Magazine

Automated market makers are a true public good in crypto, enabling genuinely decentralized trading 24/7 and supporting the wider DeFi ecosystems. But they’re not without a host of problems, writes digital economist and academic Christos A. Makridis. The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has surged since 2021, growing from just over $20 billion to nearly $160 […]

The FFVII 25th anniversary event is primed for a Remake Part 2 reveal

The long-awaited second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake could be revealed on June 16th, or at least I hope it will. Square Enix’s Twitter account for promoting that game sent out a Save the Date PSA for June 16th at 6PM ET / 3PM PT, when it’ll go live on Twitch and YouTube […]

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds reminds you filler TV is fantastic

In the age of thunderingly loud blockbusters and hyper-serial prestige television, Star Trek has struggled. The J.J. Abrams films tried to reinvent Star Trek for the mega action film era, and Star Trek: Discovery tried to reinvent it for serial TV. And others, like Picard and Lower Decks, have just tried to play to the […]

The graffiti economics behind Williamsburg’s wall of NFTs

Last year, NFTs started to appear on a three-story brick apartment building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Located at the intersection of Grand Street and Roebling Street, the murals are the work of a graffiti artist called Masnah. Each one is a commission from the token-holder, faithfully reproduced. There are nearly 60 in total, with more still […]

Firefox and Chrome are squaring off over ad-blocker extensions

There’s a growing split over how much room browsers should leave for ad blocking — and Chrome and Firefox have ended up on opposite sides of the fight. The rupture centers on a feature called Web Request, commonly used in ad blockers and crucial for any system that looks to block off a domain wholesale. […]

Withings Sleep review: same hardware, better software

I first tested the $99.95 Withings Sleep back in 2018 when it was known as the Nokia Sleep. It was a neat concept at a time when most consumer sleep trackers were either absurdly expensive or wrist-worn. It wasn’t perfect, but in the intervening years since Withings left the Nokia umbrella, there have been enough […]

Twitter overhauls process for reporting rule-breaking idiots

Twitter’s redesigned process for reporting policy violations on its platform is now widely available, the company has announced. It’s designed to handle everything from reports about misinformation and spam, to harassment and hate speech. The redesign has been in testing since December last year, and uses a so-called “symptoms-first reporting flow” that’s designed to make […]