A celebrity photo lawsuit claims Twitter’s copyright process is broken

/ Copyright is a rare exception to America’s expansive legal shields for platforms. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge As Twitter slashes staff and pares back moderation under Elon Musk, it may soon run into a problem it can’t ignore: its potential liability for copyright infringement. TorrentFreak reported last week that the company faces […]

The UK has made gigabit internet a legal requirement for new homes

Policy/ Tech / Updated regulations require new properties to be built with gigabit broadband connections and make it easier to install into existing blocks of flats across the UK. New laws have also been introduced to make it easier to install gigabit internet into existing flats and apartments across the UK.Image: The Verge My years-long […]

MSI says Afterburner isn’t abandoned, despite its developer’s doubts

/ MSI Afterburner’s Russia-based developer Unwinder says he might need to drop the project, but MSI says it’s working to resolve the issue. Image: MSI The future of popular overclocking utility MSI Afterburner has been called into doubt after developer Unwinder claimed MSI has “semi abandoned” the project and has “stopped performing [its] obligations.” Unwinder, […]

John Deere commits to letting farmers repair their own tractors (kind of)

/ The company signed a memorandum of understanding with the American Farm Bureau Federation — but can exit the agreement if state or federal right-to-repair laws go into effect. John Deere has stood at the center of the right to repair debate for years.Image: Getty Images John Deere has finally committed to giving farmers the […]

The last-gen iPad is $80 off, a whole $200 less than the newer model

/ The ninth-gen iPad may lack the USB-C connector and iPad Air-like design of the 10th-gen model, but it should fit the bill for most people (especially at just $249.99). It’s technically old news, but the ninth-gen iPad might still be a great fit for you.Image: Apple The latest products might be worth the price […]

Microsoft looking at OpenAI’s GPT for Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

/ Microsoft has reportedly been looking at ways of integrating OpenAI’s GPT features into Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft has been reportedly experimenting with building OpenAI’s language AI technology into its Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook apps. The Information reports that Microsoft has already incorporated an unknown version of […]

Oreo’s Xbox-themed cookies unlock Forza, Halo, and Sea of Thieves skins

/ There are six Oreo cookies available in 22 countries that unlock Xbox skins and armor. The Xbox Oreo cookies.Image: Microsoft Microsoft has teamed up with Oreo once again to create Xbox-themed Oreo cookies. There are six custom Xbox cookie designs in total, with one featuring the Xbox logo and additional cookies for each controller […]