UberX Share brings carpooling back to NYC, LA, Chicago, and six other cities

Last November, Uber launched a pilot of its Uber Pool replacement, dubbed UberX Share, in Miami, Florida. Today, the company says shared rides have returned to nine cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Portland, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh. Like Lyft, Uber paused its Uber Pool service in March 2020 with […]

What’s on your desk, Alice Newcome-Beill?

As Alice Newcome-Beill describes herself, she’s currently the “commerce / deals writer for The Verge, 35 years old, a Scorpio, and a chaotic neutral.” With the other members of the commerce team, she helps handle The Verge’s daily deals posts and newsletters in addition to maintaining the “best deals” announcements and other buying guides across […]

The Future Of, The Verge’s new show, is streaming on Netflix

It’s taken nearly three years of work, but The Verge’s first Netflix show — The Future Of — is finally here, with a second set of episodes coming on June 28th. The Future Of is an ambitious look at how everything around us might change over time, narrated by Jurnee Smollett. And it really is […]

Twelve South’s new Apple charger is a compact and cheaper three-in-one alternative

Twelve South’s latest accessory is the HiRise3, a $99.99 three-in-one charger designed to keep your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods topped up with power. It has a very similar set of features to Belkin’s Boost↑Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe with a more compact design, lower starting price, and a couple more caveats. Let’s […]

The world’s first PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ now exists thanks to a YouTuber

The PS5 is a giant console, the biggest in modern history, and a DIY YouTuber has now created a PS5 “Slim” model that’s a fraction more than the thickness of the plastic cases that house PS5 games. Matt Perks, known as DIY Perks on YouTube, has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to […]

Sony could have a trio of new gaming headsets on the way

Sony might be ready to announce a new lineup of gaming headsets, according to a report from 91Mobiles based on information provided by OnLeaks. Rather than being specifically PlayStation-branded, like Sony’s Pulse headset, the three headsets will apparently be part of a new gaming hardware brand from Sony called “Inzone,” which could also include a […]

Philips Hue gets a new Tap dial switch, customizable track lighting, and more

Signify just announced a new Philips Hue Tap dial switch, portable Hue Go lamp, and fully customizable track lighting in a range of smart lighting updates today. The Hue Tap dial switch (€49/$49) is available in matte black or white and adjusts lights with a turn of the dial. The faster you turn it the […]

Cloudflare outage breaks large swathes of the internet

Cloudflare is currently experiencing an outage, according to its status page. Cloudflare’s technology powers numerous other sites and services across the internet, and the outage appears to be affecting a range of different sites, including Discord, Shopify, Grindr, Fitbit, and Peleton, according to Downdetector. The problems appear to have started at around 2:30AM ET. As […]