Elon Musk now has over 100 million Twitter followers

Elon Musk just passed the 100 million follower mark on Twitter, becoming the sixth user on the platform to reach a nine-digit follower count. According to SocialBlade, Musk hit the milestone sometime between June 26th and June 27th, gaining over 150,000 followers between the two days. As of this writing, Musk now has 100,059,886 followers. […]

A tiny NASA spacecraft launches to test out a new orbit around the Moon

Early this morning, a small NASA spacecraft about the size of a microwave embarked on the beginning of a four-month-long journey to the Moon, where it will eventually insert itself into a unique, elongated lunar orbit that no NASA mission has visited before. The spacecraft’s goal is simple: test out this particular orbit and see […]

Airbnb’s party ban is now permanent

In 2020, Airbnb introduced a temporary ban on house parties and events to better follow social distancing restrictions with the pandemic. Now, the company says it’s been so pleased by the outcome of the ban that it’s making it permanent and codifying its rules. “Over time, the party ban became much more than a public […]

Uber drivers are liking the Teslas

Uber’s plan to electrify its driver fleet by 2030 seems to be off to a good start. The ride-hailing company announced today that over 15,000 Uber drivers have signed on to rent Tesla vehicles through its partnership with car rental company Hertz. Uber claims the deal is its “largest-ever expansion” of EVs on a mobility […]

HTC’s smartphone division limps on with metaverse-focused Desire 22 Pro

It hasn’t released a competitive flagship device in years, but HTC’s smartphone division isn’t throwing in the towel just yet. Today it announced the HTC Desire 22 Pro, a follow-up to last year’s HTC Desire 21 Pro, and the company’s big attempt at capitalizing on the so-called metaverse. In the UK, it’s listed at £399 […]

Shima Capital Leading $6 Million Seed Round For MECH.COM

Mech.com is set to close its seed round of investments with Shima Capital leading, supplemented by Polygon, Big Brain, Anti Fund, Cryptology, Master Ventures, BreederDAO, MetaVest, Andromeda VC, Pulse Ventures, and Gumi Ventures. Mech.com is an NFT-based metaverse game that is currently developing their first versions of a match-3 game in which players can earn […]

Crypto exchange FTX is reportedly looking into buying Robinhood

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX is reportedly considering an acquisition of the trading platform Robinhood, according to a report from Bloomberg. Sources close to the situation told Bloomberg that FTX is still weighing the possibility and hasn’t yet made an offer. When asked about the possible buyout, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried stated that the company currently isn’t […]

Overwatch 2 will replace the original Overwatch

The original Overwatch’s days are numbered. Last week, Blizzard revealed in a Reddit AMA that when Overwatch 2 launches on October 4th, it will overwrite Overwatch prime, effectively ending the six-year-old game. “When OW2 launches on October 4th it will be a replacement for the current live service,” wrote game director Aaron Keller. While the […]

The biggest privacy risks in post-Roe America

For millions of Americans, finding abortion services in the US just became a legal minefield. With the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday, suddenly “how to find an abortion” is a lot more complicated than a simple Google search. Abortion is now illegal or restricted in nine states, with many more planning to outlaw procedures in […]

Amazon is reportedly hosting a second major Prime-exclusive shopping event this year

Amazon may have just revealed the July dates for its Prime Day shopping bonanza, but the company is already prepping a second shopping event for Amazon Prime subscribers for later this year, Business Insider and CNBC report. Information sent to sellers that has been seen by the publications calls it the “Prime Fall Deal Event,” […]