Atari is getting a massive historical game collection for its 50th anniversary

Atari is 50 years old, and to celebrate, the company has partnered with the retro game experts at Digital Eclipse on a new anniversary collection that covers five decades of gaming history. It has the somewhat unwieldy title Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, but it also sounds much more involved than a typical classic game […]

Chad Wolf, the illegal secretary

Kirstjen Nielsen’s tenure as the head of the Department of Homeland Security was perhaps best known for the family separation policy at the border. The recordings of crying toddlers, the children wrapped in silver foil blankets, the detention conditions likened to “cages” — this was her legacy. Nielsen was reviled by almost everyone from the center and […]

How the TSA created two classes of travelers

Dan McCoy is the chief innovation officer at the United States Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. Welcome to Decoder. Thank you for having me, Nilay. I am a listener, so this is exciting. The experience is way different than listening, so you are in for a ride. It’s a great time to talk to you. […]

Unsettled: the Afghan refugee crisis collides with the American housing disaster

Over the last two years, Elbakri’s organization has delivered food to families as part of its You Are Not Alone program, which seeks to fill the needs of people suffering financially from the pandemic. But, over the last six months, they have expanded to provide weekly food packages for Afghan refugees in the Bay Area […]

SiriusXM’s radio app is now available on Comcast X1 boxes and smart TVs

Comcast subscribers can now access the SiriusXM app from their Xfinity Flex streaming device and XClass TV as well as through the Xfinity X1 hub for live TV. You can call up the app by saying “SiriusXM” to your voice remote or by searching for it within your device’s list of apps. Although Comcast gives […]

Blizzard acquires studio behind fantasy battle royale Spellbreak

Blizzard Entertainment has acquired its first studio in more than 15 years. In a report from VentureBeat, the company has acquired the Boston-based studio Proletariat. As a result, Proletariat’s Spellbreak, a battle royale in which you fling spells at your enemies instead of bullets, will shut down. “After more than four years of elemental magic […]

Homeland: a special series from The Verge

Chad Wolf, the Illegal Secretary How the TSA created two classes of travellers Return Home A special series exploring two decades of American life under the Department of Homeland Security . When former President George W. Bush outlined his national strategy for homeland security, the pitch was simple: America was under attack by a “terrorist […]

How to find the best deals during Amazon Prime Day

Outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Prime Day has become one of the biggest shopping events of the year. It’s a two-day stretch wherein Amazon Prime members will likely find some of the best prices yet on popular tech products like video games, gaming peripherals, laptops, 4K TVs, phones, PC accessories, and more. Amazon […]

Pro gaming tools are helping streamers get paid

A grid of blue, balloon-like blobs are pinned against a checkerboard shooting range. The goal, says Aim Lab, is to pop all of the targets as fast as you can with a pistol that’s been tuned to the precise kinetic feedback of Riot’s wildly popular shooter Valorant. Whenever you connect with a target, another one […]

Snapchat adds paid subscription with more features for power users

Starting this week, Snap will begin offering an optional subscription called Snapchat Plus that unlocks exclusive and early access features. Priced at $3.99 a month, the subscription is geared toward “the people who spend most of their time communicating with their closest friends on Snap,” the company’s SVP of Product, Jacob Andreou, tells The Verge. […]