Ubisoft’s Skull And Bones is real, and it’s coming on November 8th

After suffering in development hell for the last few years, Skull and Bones — Ubisoft’s live-service pirate game — is finally seeing the light of day. The developer showed off new footage of the game as a part of its Ubisoft Forward event highlighting all the timbers you’ll get to shiver and buckles you’ll get […]

Mining the deep sea for battery materials will be dangerously noisy, study finds

The race is on to figure out how to protect the ocean abyss as deep-sea mining operations look to extract minerals like nickel, cobalt, and copper from the sea floor. But there’s one potential risk to the deep-sea environment that tends to fall under the radar. Not only will mining dredge up the seafloor, but […]

These Philips Hue deals on outdoor lighting might brighten your day

Even with Amazon Prime Day 2022 right around the corner, kicking off on Tuesday, July 12th, there are lots of early Prime Day deals to check out, in and out of Amazon. One of the standouts is on Philips Hue smart lights. There’s a promotion that’ll knock 15 percent off your total when you buy […]

Meta Quest headsets will finally stop requiring a Facebook account

Meta is introducing a new account system for its virtual reality headsets, changing a 2020 requirement that most users log in with Facebook. The new “Meta accounts” don’t require users to sign up for Facebook, and they come with a slew of other updates to Meta’s VR social interface. Meta accounts will start rolling out […]

Can Microsoft’s data centers become big batteries for the grid?

Microsoft says its data centers could soon provide backup power to electricgrids transitioning to renewable energy. The data centers alreadyhave lithium-ion batteries on-site so that they can keep running during a power outage. Now, that backup system could also shore upgrids in need of more batteries to store energy produced by growingnumbers of solar panels […]

Inscryption is coming to console with PlayStation port

Roguelike sensation Inscryption is coming to console: today, Sony revealed that the diabolical deck-building card game will be launching on both the PS4 and PS5. There’s no word yet on when the port will be available, but it will include some PlayStation-specific features like haptic feedback that “enhances every grisly action.” Inscryption first made waves […]

Netflix introduces spatial audio for Stranger Things and other originals

Netflix has announced that, beginning today, it’s rolling out spatial audio for select original programming. The feature should deliver more immersive sound, particularly for customers who are listening to a TV show or movie with headphones. Netflix has collaborated with Sennheiser to convert surround sound mixes into an expansive spatial audio presentation that can be […]

Court docs reveal secret Elon Musk children with long-term Musk exec

According to a report by Business Insider, Elon Musk is the father of twin children with current Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis. Business Insider shared a court document from this May with Zilis and Musk petitioning for a name change for both children, making “the children’s last name to be their father’s, and for their mother’s […]