Electric air dusters are a must-have

Tech/ Creators / It’s a simple low-tech device and seems fairly obvious, but if you don’t have one, it can change your life. My tool. My friend. My electric air duster.Photo by Christopher Person / The Verge I have always had a complicated relationship with canned compressed air. For a neat freak, it’s a vital […]

Marvel Snap PvP mode drops very soon

/ As long as there are no ‘last minute issues,’ expect to play against your friends at the end of the month. Image: Second Dinner After weeks of playtesting, theorycrafting, ladder-climbing, and a bunch of shit-talking, I am ready to face my friends in Marvel Snap’s PvP mode. In a new blog on the Unity […]

The HBO Max refugee Minx just got picked up by Starz

/ Minx was one of a big group of shows and films unceremoniously dumped by HBO Max after Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav went on a cancellation spree to save money. I think you can guess what Minx was about from this image.Image: HBO Max If you’ve been irritated by all the shows and […]

Congress says the Army can’t spend $400 million buying Microsoft HoloLens headsets

/ But it can spend millions on a new version to fix the problems that made soldiers sick. A soldier wearing an IVAS headset.Image: US Army Congress has denied the Army’s request to buy up to 6,900 headsets based on Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, according to a report from Bloomberg. The military was apparently asking for […]

EA’s latest Madden NFL 23 fumble locked players out of the game

/ For about 30 minutes, an issue prevented people from playing EA’s newest football title. The game has had a few frustrating problems as of late, including corrupted Franchise leagues. Joe Burrow in Madden NFL 23.Image: EA Madden NFL 23’s newest title update briefly locked players out of the game on Thursday, EA confirmed on […]

ExxonMobil accurately predicted climate change while publicly dismissing it

/ New research looks back on ExxonMobil’s undercover climate predictions over the decades — and finds that the company’s dire projections largely came true. The American multinational oil and gas ExxonMobil Corporation headquartered is seen on December 29th, 2022, in Diegem, Belgium.Photo by Thierry Monasse / Getty Images ExxonMobil predicted rising global temperatures with remarkable accuracy […]

Art for your AC, a mixer that knows when to stop, and a garden in a fridge

/ Smart mixers, attractive AC units, a new smart smoke alarm, and a sorely needed smart lighting solution for the kitchen. The LG Artcool Gallery AC unit adds some style to your smart home.Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge The smart home at CES wasn’t all Matter, Matter, Matter. At The Verge, we […]

HBO Max’s first price hike raises the monthly rate by $1

/ Beginning Thursday, the cost of an ad-free HBO Max subscription is going up from $14.99 to $15.99 per month. The increase comes after HBO pulled hundreds of episodes of classic cartoons and shows like Westworld from the service. But you’re paying a little more for a lot less than you used to.Illustration by Alex […]

NASA’s James Webb telescope discovers its first Earth-sized exoplanet

/ LHS 475 b is a rocky exoplanet roughly the same size as Earth that orbits very close to a small, dim star. And for the first time, researchers are able to study the planet’s atmosphere. This illustration reflects that exoplanet LHS 475 b is rocky and almost precisely the same size as Earth based […]