Verizon is rolling out faster 5G in more places, but you’ll have to guess where

Verizon says that customers in “many markets across the US” could get significantly faster 5G speeds, even when they’re not right next to a cell tower. According to a press release on Monday, this is possible because Verizon’s deploying extra C-band spectrum; for some areas, the carrier’s now using 100 MHz of bandwidth instead of […]

Uber will pay over $2 million to disabled riders after federal settlement

Uber has settled with the Department of Justice over allegations that it discriminated against disabled passengers, the DOJ announced in a press release on Monday. As part of the agreement, Uber will credit double the total wait fees issued to the 65,000 disabled riders already identified by Uber’s programs and commit more than $2 million […]

Sony is investing even more into esports

Sony is acquiring the esports tournament platform, marking the PlayStation maker’s latest investment into esports. has put on more than 100,000 tournaments with over 2.3 million participants, reports, featuring popular games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. “Together with the talented team, we’re excited to explore more […]

Apple Arcade will be losing 15 games soon

Apple Arcade, Apple’s $5 per month subscription service for games, will be losing 15 titles sometime soon. As reported by TouchArcade, there’s a new section at the bottom of the Arcade tab in the App Store titled “Leaving Arcade Soon,” and it lists the games that will be removed. When I checked the new section […]

Here’s one final look at the Cadillac Celestiq before its full reveal

Cadillac is offering one final teaser of the Cadillac Celestiq ahead of its full reveal later this week. The ultra-luxe EV will soon join the Lyriq and become the second full EV to ship out of GM’s luxury division, although the Celestiq is expected to be in a class of its own with a price […]

Instagram will let shoppers place orders and track packages in DMs

Instagram shoppers in the US will be able to pay for products directly in messages, the company announced today. Buyers will also be able to ask questions about products and track orders in the same message thread with merchants. Many small businesses on Instagram already field questions about products, arrange payments, and offer customer support […]

The UK’s blistering heatwave is just the beginning

For the first time on record, parts of the UK are sweltering in temperatures that could soon reach40 degrees Celsius (that’s over 104 degrees Fahrenheit for American readers). It’s the first time those temperatures have ever been forecast in the UK, according to the Met Office, which also issued its first-ever “Red Extreme” heat warning […]

Stray improves adventure games by turning you into a cat

Stray has a lot of things in common with other adventure games. You have to solve puzzles, navigate a dense urban environment, and utilize stealth to avoid powerful enemies. There are characters to befriend and things to collect. But there’s one key difference between Stray and its contemporaries: you play as a cat. That may […]

JD Power study shows we’re noticing more problems with mobile networks, even with 5G

A new study measuring mobile network performance in the US indicates an increase in network problems, with slow performance or the inability to load content cited as the most common complaints. That’s according to research firm JD Power, which attributes the dip in network quality to increased usage. JD Power conducted the study from January […]

UK regulator’s order for Meta to sell Giphy is under review — again

There’s been another twist in the saga of Meta’s attempt to buy GIF-sharing service Giphy, Bloomberg reports. Judges with the Competition Appeal Tribunal have told the UK’s competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), to reconsider its previous ruling telling Meta to sell Giphy. “We have agreed to reconsider our decision in light of […]