Save $100 on Google’s Pixel 6 for the first time

We’re less than a day away from Prime Day 2022 kicking off. Those Prime member deals will begin at 3AM ET / 12AM PT on July 12th. But, as we saw last week, some companies aren’t waiting until then to begin striking prices down to the lowest that we’ve seen so far this year. For […]

What is Cryptocurrency Introduction to crypto

Introduction Cryptocurrency is the digital currency of the future. It’s here to stay, and it could end up being one of the biggest innovations ever in financial technology. But what is cryptocurrency? And how does it work? In this article, we’ll explore these questions and more as we break down what cryptocurrency is (and isn’t), […]

How Buy and Sell Bitcoin from

How Buy and Sell Bitcoin Introduction The process of buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies can be daunting for beginners. However, it’s actually quite straightforward once you know how to do it. If you want to buy or sell bitcoin from, you’ll need to get verified first by uploading some documents that prove your identity […]

Microsoft still plans to block Office macros by default after temporary rollback

Microsoft is still planning to block Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros by default in Office apps. The software giant rolled back planned changes last week, surprising IT admins who had been preparing for Microsoft to prevent Office users from easily enabling macros in Office files downloaded from the internet. The change, designed to improve […]

Upnext is a nice read-later app — and the very beginning of something bigger

Upnext is a read-later app. No, it’s a bookmarking app. No, it’s a content-curation-social-network thing. Even Jeroen Seghers, one of the service’s co-founders, struggles to explain it. “Longer term,” he says, “I like to think about what we’re building as a knowledge browser.” But even he admits that doesn’t mean much to anyone right now. […]

How to make the most of the Mac’s accessibility features

You may not know it, or you may not need them, but your Mac comes with a bevy of accessibility features that help make your computer more accessible if you have disabilities. Apple is well-known for building best-in-class assistive technologies into all of their platforms — and the Mac, almost four decades old, is no […]

How the ride-sharing revolution failed passengers with disabilities

It’s the year 2022, and Henry Claypool still has trouble getting ride-sharing companies to send a wheelchair-accessible car to his home. Smartphone apps like Uber and Lyft were supposed to democratize transportation for marginalized groups — but for wheelchair users like Claypool, this was always a false promise. “I live in Arlington, Virginia, still inside […]

Twitter reportedly hires the firm that invented the “poison pill” to sue Elon Musk

Twitter lawyered up. The company reportedly hired Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, a firm notable enough to have its own Wikipedia page, and a founding partner, Martin Lipton, credited with inventing the shareholder rights plan or “poison pill” defense that Twitter initially used to put the brakes on Musk’s attempted buyout. On Friday, Elon Musk […]

Uber leaks reveal how it spread “fucking illegal” ride-sharing globally

A trove of internal Uber documents leaked to The Guardian and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), as well as dozens of other news outlets, outlines its strategies for global expansion — even if the company had to bend some rules. The leak, collectively dubbed the Uber Files, consists of over 124,000 […]