The Verge’s back-to-school gift guide

As quickly as it arrived, summer vacation is drawing to a close. A new school year is right around the corner, and while the learning landscape has transformed rather drastically over the past couple of years, many aspects have remained unchanged. Having the right supplies, for instance, can make a world of difference for new […]

Crew members on Jacob Wohl’s Predator DC report assaults during filming

Right-wing activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are known for political stunts, including bizarre attempts to apparently engineer sex scandals around high-profile political figures. They’re facing criminal charges in multiple states over an alleged election robocalling scheme. But in recent months, employees say the pair have also been responsible for a bizarre and dangerous environment […]

Games like Stray and Endling are creating more realistic animals

While an ominous blood moon hangs in the sky, four cats take shelter from torrential rain. In Stray, released this week for PlayStation consoles and PC, you play as one of these animals. A push of the left analog stick causes your cat to ease into a lilting trot; holding the right trigger makes them […]

Elon Musk took a hit in Chancery Court — and another one in Mykonos

Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week in Chancery Court! Delaware’s moment in the sun continues as the fight between Elon Musk and Twitter shifts from fiery tweets… to fiery legal filings. Here’s where we are: lawsuits. Twitter wanted to have a trial as quickly as possible. “This very public dispute harms Twitter with […]

Here’s our first full look at the Cadillac Celestiq ultra-luxury electric sedan

After a year of teases, General Motors revealed the Cadillac Celestiq, a $300,000 ultra-luxury electric sedan that the automaker says is the most Cadillac Cadillac that ever Cadillac’d. The Celestiq is Cadillac’s first major effort to capture some of the high-end market currently dominated by the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. As such, GM is […]

Twitter blames Elon Musk for making it lose money

Twitter would have earned more money over the past few months if Elon Musk hadn’t been in the picture. At least, that’s what the company says in its Q2 earnings release this morning, citing Musk as a factor in its revenue results, which fell year over year to $1.18 billion from $1.19 billion. That’s not […]

AMD just leaked its Nvidia RTX Voice competitor in a (now deleted) video

AMD looks to be on the cusp of releasing a competitor to RTX Voice, a feature for Nvidia graphics cards that cancels out background noise when you’re on a call or otherwise using your mic. That’s according to a trailer that AMD posted to its YouTube channel (apparently in error), Tom’s Hardware reports. Thankfully, a […] Reveals Generous Referral Program That Pays Out in DAI

The program provides referrers with 5% of all fees their friend generates through premium features. Forever., the decentralized finance platform for multiplying one’s profit exposure, has revealed its “Refer & Earn” Referral program for users to earn DAI whenever they invite a friend to and utilize the platform’s premium features. With Refer […]

The Last of Us’ PS5 remake includes a speed run mode and smarter AI

Sony released a ten-minute-long trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 on Thursday, where the game’s directors talk through some of the improvements coming in the PlayStation 5 remake of Naughty Dog’s iconic game. The trailer takes plenty of opportunities to show off the improved graphics (which look as nice as they have in […]