Save $50 on the latest Apple TV 4K streaming box

It’s another week of deals here at The Verge, and we’ve got some bangers ranging from the greatest hits to some of the most fun niches. First off, the Apple TV 4K streaming box with 32GB of storage is down to its frequent sale price of $129.99 at Best Buy and Amazon. Back during Amazon […]

Google Play gets a new logo for its 10-year anniversary

Google Play is getting a new logo today to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Google has slightly tweaked the overall shape of its Google Play logo, but the most notable changes are the less vibrant colors that more closely match the green, yellow, blue, and red hues that Google uses for many of its other services. […]

Google is paying some much-needed attention to its Android tablet apps

Google is rolling out some much-needed upgrades to its Android tablet apps, the company has announced, as it attempts to make them work better on devices with larger screens. Updates are coming for apps including Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep, and Google’s announcement says they should arrive over the coming weeks. Docs, Sheets, and […]

Hulu blocks ads on abortion, guns, and climate change — and Dems aren’t happy

Abortion rights, gun control, and climate change have taken center stage for Democrats running in this year’s midterm elections. But the popular streaming service Hulu has repeatedly rejected Democratic ads focusing on these central campaign issues over the last few weeks, as first reported by The Washington Post on Monday. On July 15th, a group […]

EA is bringing back Juventus for FIFA 23

One of the biggest clubs in the world is coming back to EA Sports’ FIFA games. Today, EA announced a “multi-year partnership” with Juventus that will once again see the Italian side featured in the developer’s wildly popular soccer video games. The deal will start with FIFA 23, which launches on September 30th. Juventus had […]

NFL Plus streaming has live games for $4.99 per month — but not on your TV

The National Football League (NFL) has finally launched its mobile streaming service, NFL Plus. The service is available in two different tiers: NFL Plus and NFL Plus Premium, for $4.99 / month ($39.99 / year) or $9.99 / month ($79.99 / year), respectively. Both NFL Plus and Premium offer the ability to stream live local […]

The White House wants to make next-gen COVID-19 vaccines

The White House wants to accelerate the development of next-generation COVID-19 vaccines, Stat News reported Monday. Ideally, future vaccines would offer longer-lasting protection against infection with and transmission of the virus, not just serious illness and death. Federal officials, researchers, and representatives from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna will meet Tuesday at a White House […]

Uber admits covering up massive 2016 data breach in settlement with US prosecutors

Uber admitted to covering up a massive cybersecurity attack that took place in October 2016, exposing the confidential data of 57 million customers and drivers, as part of a settlement with the US Department of Justice to avoid criminal prosecution. In order to not be prosecuted for the cover-up, Uber “admits that its personnel failed […]