Cync launches new ‘Dynamic Effects’ bulbs, panels, and light strips

/ The smart lighting company is also bringing Matter support to two products, but not to its flashy new lights. Cync’s new dynamic Effect Neon Rope lights can be configured into any shape you want.Image: Cync GE Lighting announced a big expansion of its smart lighting brand Cync’s Dynamic Effects line this week. The new, […]

This patented Apple Pencil can swatch colors and textures

/ The patent describes a possible next-generation Apple Pencil with a variety of sensors built into the nib. The Apple Pencil 2 was released back in 2018, and I’m still eagerly awaiting a next-gen upgrade. Perhaps this new Apple patent could bear some fruit in that regard.Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge Apple has […]

Shower pods are here to turn your bathroom into a spa

/ Kohler announced an aromatherapy shower infusion system at CES 2023, and Hai has a similar product coming later this month.  Sprig Shower Infusion System.Image: Kohler Ever wish you could bring the spa home with you? Well, now you kind of can. Kohler announced a new aromatherapy shower infusion system at CES 2023 that will […]

Samsung Display’s new QD-OLED TV panels can hit 2,000 nits of peak brightness

/ 2,000 nits is around double what was offered by last year’s brightest OLED TVs, but only slightly higher than what LG’s competing sets may reach in 2023. Samsung Display’s 77-inch QD-OLED TV panel.Image: Samsung Display Although Samsung is yet to officially reveal its lineup of QD-OLED TVs for the year, its display division has […]

Tuesday’s top tech news: CES kicks off 2023 with a bang

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images 2023’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially kicks off this week in Las Vegas, but as is tradition the announcements have already been coming thick and fast in the days leading up to the show. Most interesting for me are the TV reveals, not least because LG’s popular OLEDs finally have […]

Samsung Display’s latest foldable concept can both slide and fold

/ In the choice between foldable and slidable, Samsung asks ‘Why not both?’ The left side of the Flex Hybrid folds, the right side slides.Image: Samsung Display Samsung Display’s Flex Hybrid is a new prototype device with a display that’s both foldable and slidable. The left side of the concept “smart mobile device” can be […]

Sony’s $529 InZone M3 gaming monitor is now available

/ The cheaper 1080p model in Sony’s InZone lineup of gaming monitors has arrived, months after the $899 InZone M9. It’s identical, though it operates at a lower resolution (but a faster 240Hz refresh rate) and it lacks full-array local dimming. This image shows the pricier 4K InZone M9, but its design is virtually identical […]

LG’s 2023 OLED TVs are brighter (again) and make webOS smarter

/ The G3 and C3 OLEDs don’t come with any big design changes, but LG is continuing to make improvements where they count most. WebOS has been slightly redesigned and streamlined on the 2023 lineup.Image: LG Last year, LG cranked the brightness on its G2 and C2 series TVs up to new highs, bringing a […]

Arlo is taking away security camera features you paid for

Smart Home/ Tech / The Netgear spinoff has announced a new “end-of-life policy” for its cameras — which revokes one of their biggest selling points. When I set out to buy my first home security cameras, the Arlo Q was my obvious pick — every reviewer pointed out that it offered seven days of free […]