Destiny Item Manager has a Stream Deck app now

While everyone is talking about Destiny 2’s annual summer event, Solstice of Heroes, I’m busy with an evergreen event I like to call “managing my character’s inventory.” Anyone that plays Destiny 2 regularly has almost definitely used Destiny Item Manager (DIM), a community-created tool that keeps track of your items in a browser or on […]

Why BeReal is breaking out

Today let’s talk about a social network that is starting to break through after two years of slow climbing. It’s called BeReal, and it combines nostalgia for social apps that came before with an anxiety about the world those apps created. While it’s impossible to say how big it could grow — or how long […]

No Man’s Sky’s latest major update overhauls its towering space freighters

No Man’s Sky has a major new free update releasing today, developer Hello Games has announced. The new Endurance update is focused on the game’s freighters and frigates, the large ships in the game that players can use as a mobile base of operations and to complete missions. Endurance is the twentieth major update for […]

OnePlus confirms that the 10T will arrive August 3rd with a top-shelf chipset

Pete Lau is throwing a party. As he has just announced in a community forum post, the OnePlus CEO says its upcoming 10T will launch on August 3rd with an in-person event in New York City. The 10T continues OnePlus’ tradition of performance-focused specs with a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, which is, in […]

Facebook puts news on the back burner as it continues to push video and creators

Facebook is only 18 but it’s slap-bang in the middle of a mid-life crisis, with user numbers declining and TikTok eating its Gen Z lunch. In response, the company is trying to push more video content from creators into users’ feeds, and is now shifting resources away from more text-focused products like its News tab […]

Alaska Airlines will let flyers use digital bag tags to save time and paper

Alaska Airlines says it’s becoming the first US-based airline to roll out support for electronic bag tags, small programmable devices with e-paper displays that are designed to replace the paper tags currently in use. It plans to launch the new program in phases, and it’ll initially be focused on San Jose airport in California. The […]

Netflix’s CEO is ready for TV to die

Netflix wants linear TV to die. CEO Reed Hastings has been banging the TV murder drum for more than 8 years now, and in the investor call today, he reiterated his belief, confidently saying that Netflix was in a great place because linear TV would be dead in “5 to 10 years.” Hastings is financially […]

Volkswagen names a new CEO to run its electric truck and SUV spinoff Scout

The electric rebirth of Scout, the classic off-road SUV brand, is getting real this week as Volkswagen names Scott Keogh as CEO of its new spinoff company. The former head of VW Group America, as initially reported by Axios, pushed for VW to start a new electric truck line after seeing a fully restored vintage […]

Get up to $200 credit if you reserve Samsung’s next foldables

Another Samsung Unpacked virtual event is right around the corner, now confirmed to take place on August 10th at 9AM ET / 6AM PT, and along with it are some incentives for the early, early birds. Samsung is offering customers in the US the chance to put in free, no-commitment reservations for its upcoming devices […]