Asus’ compact Zenfone 9 comes with incredible gimbal-like camera stabilization

The Zenfone 9, like last year’s 8, is that rare Android phone that prioritizes compact size rather than maximizing screen or battery size. Be still my heart! But the new story this year is the phone’s camera and stabilization system: rather than just moving a single lens element to compensate for camera shake, the entire […]

Can hydrogen fuel cells power Microsoft data centers?

Microsoft has reached a new milestone in its effort to ditch diesel in favor of cleaner energy at its data centers. The company announced today that it successfully tested a hydrogen fuel cell system powerful enough to replace a traditional diesel-powered backup generator at a large data center. As part of its plans to tackle […]

Comcast’s broadband business stopped growing for the first time ever

Comcast didn’t add any new broadband subscribers between April and June, marking the first time the company has failed to grow its high-speed internet business. Broadband figures stayed flat from Q1 at 32.2 million subscribers, the company announced in its Q2 2022 earnings release this morning. With just one exception, this is the first time […]

Scientists reanimate dead spiders as robot gripping claws

Why bother to design your own robots when you can just reuse what nature created? This was the thought process behind a research project from engineers at Rice University who successfully transformed dead spiders into robotic gripping claws. The scientists have dubbed their new area of research “necrobotics” and say it could create cheap, effective, […]

DeepMind found the structure of nearly every protein known to science

DeepMind is releasing a free expanded database with its predictions of the structure of nearly every protein known to science, the company, a subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet, announced today. DeepMind transformed science in 2020 with its AlphaFold AI software, which produces highly accurate predictions of the structures of proteins — information that can help […]

The electricity demands of data centers are making it harder to build new homes in London

The power demands of data centers can be staggering, with larger facilities using as much electricity as tens of thousands of homes. Now, in parts of London, those energy requirements are reportedly stopping developers from building new houses because there’s simply not enough electricity to go around. According to a report from The Financial Times, […]

Daniel Radcliffe’s Weird Al biopic gets November release date

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, a biopic about the musician starring Daniel Radcliffe, will release on November 4th on The Roku Channel, the streaming company has announced. The film will be available to stream everywhere where Roku’s free service is available, and is the latest step in the company’s push into producing original content that […]

Snap’s first AR game is a spooky ‘found phone’ mystery

Snap has launched its first in-Snapchat augmented reality game, a spooky “found phone” title called Ghost Phone. In the game, you’ll work to solve the mystery of what happened to the previous owner of a smartphone, and you’ll quickly learn that things are just a little bit… ghastly. The core of the game is using […]

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV is an electric truck made for cops

Ford, the leading automaker when it comes to making and selling specially designed vehicles for law enforcement, revealed the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, an electric truck specially designed for law enforcement. The truck is a variant of the F-150 Lightning Pro, which is a version of Ford’s electric pickup that’s aimed specifically at commercial customers […]

Sony starts testing 1440p support for PS5

Sony is starting to test 1440p resolution support for its PlayStation 5 console, a highly-requested addition. Testers will get access to a new PS5 system software beta today that includes 1440p support, curated gamelists for their library, and new social features. The new 1440p video output option will allow PS5 owners to choose this resolution […]