Visa could be liable for helping monetize Pornhub videos of children, says court

A California judge is allowing a lawsuit against Visa to proceed, saying the company plausibly knew porn site operator MindGeek was monetizing sexual videos involving children. Judge Cormac Carney issued the ruling late last week in Serena Fleites v. MindGeek et al., rejecting Visa’s attempts to dismiss its portion of the suit. Carney says Visa […]

What 21 billion Facebook friendships say about the economic ladder in the US

Meta publicly released information on 21 billion Facebook friendships as part of a research project looking at economic inequality in the United States, the company announced today. Along with new insights into the intersection of money and friendships in America, the partnership between Meta and the researchers gives us another look at who Facebook is […]

An update on review scoring

The most contentious part of any review is the numeric score that’s given to the product. which reduces our evaluation of how a product performs in what is often a very competitive space to a value on a 10-point scale. We have often talked about getting rid of our scores, but readers tell us they […]

Pets get wearable fans to beat Japan’s heatwave

Tokyo-based clothing company Sweet Mommy has a novel way to keep pets cool. Instead of romping in sprinklers or parking in front of the air conditioner, it’s created “air-conditioned pet clothes” called COOL DOG (though cats can wear them as well). The device is a wearable fan that can be fixed to a pet’s back […]

Spotify’s paying customers will soon get separate play and shuffle buttons

Spotify is fully separating its play and shuffle buttons — but only for Premium subscribers. Today, the company announced that it’s beginning to roll out individual buttons for the two functions, which will replace the combined play / shuffle button that’s currently at the top of playlists and artist pages. The change is expected to […]

Sony says no one used its anonymous Accolades on PS5, so they’re going away

Sony’s getting rid of Accolades, a PlayStation 5 feature present since the system launched, because apparently, no one uses it (via Eurogamer). In case you haven’t heard of it (which wouldn’t be all that surprising), Accolades is a way to anonymously reward other players online for being a “good sport,” “helpful,” or “welcoming,” which then […]

Eight photo-centric social sites that are not Instagram

In a recent (and very funny) blog post, The Verge’s Liz Lopatto bemoans the ad-ification and TikTok-ification of Instagram and other social media sites. “Can someone just build a simple photo app that isn’t sleazy and let me know where it is so that my friends can join it?” she asks. And she apparently hasn’t […]

Now you can rewatch Game of Thrones in 4K on HBO Max

The entire run of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV show is now streaming on HBO Max in 4K and HDR, joining the 4K and HDR-compatible movies on the service. You can watch all eight seasons with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, making for a nice way to bide the time before the series premiere of […]

In Pennyslvania, campaign volunteers are getting a taste of gig work

Starting Monday, ordering a free “Josh for Governor” yard sign will be as easy as responding to a text message for Pennsylvania voters. The Josh Shapiro campaign’s new voter outreach program mixes voter file data and gig economy-like delivery services to create “a universe that is primed” to accept good old-fashioned yard signs. By leveraging […]