Biden’s climate plan is back, and it’s all about building things

It’s been a long road for the “Build Back Better” plan — but Wednesday night, after over a year of both public and private negotiations, we finally saw a proposal that could actually clear Congress. Renamed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the new Sen. Manchin-endorsed proposal would raise roughly $740 billion in revenue through a combination […]

SoulCycle dangles free classes to Peloton users who trade in their bikes

SoulCycle isn’t pulling any punches with its latest campaign that offers Peloton users free in-person classes… if they trade in their bikes. The move comes while Peloton is still dealing with excess inventory after misjudging post-quarantine demand. “We’re dead set on seeing you back with your pack, so we’re giving you the opportunity to trade […]

MrBallen is YouTube’s big podcast breakout

In each episode of MrBallen, series host John Allen appears in the center of the frame, usually wearing a plaid shirt with a couple of buttons undone and a baseball cap turned backward, and slowly talks viewers through the events of a “strange, dark, and mysterious” true crime story. Episodes with titles like “What I […]

Google Pixel Buds Pro review: the sweet sound of redemption

It wasn’t a sure thing that the Pixel Buds Pro would turn out to be good. Google has had a mixed, inconsistent track record with wireless earbuds so far. The original Pixel Buds in 2017 had such an unconventional design that something as fundamental as putting them back into the case was overly complicated. The […]

JetBlue will acquire Spirit, creating the fifth-largest airline in the US

JetBlue and Spirit announced a $3.8 billion merger agreement after a previous deal between Spirit and Frontier Airlines fell apart Wednesday. The newly merged airline will be the fifth-largest in the US in a potential challenge to the dominance of the “Big Four” carriers. Spirit’s shareholders rejected the deal in favor of the more generous […]

Instagram will start asking some users for their race and ethnicity

Instagram will begin asking some US users for race and ethnicity data in order to study how different groups experience the platform, the company says in a blog post published today. A random assortment of Instagram users will get a pop-up in the app that leads to a survey asking for their race and ethnicity, […]

EV tax credits are back — and bigger — in new Senate climate bill

Senator Joe Manchin has had a change of heart about electric vehicles. The West Virginia Democrat, who previously described federal tax credits for EVs as “ludicrous,” announced a surprise deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on a reconciliation package that includes $369 billion for climate and energy measures aimed at slashing carbon emissions by […]

Spotify’s Friends Mix playlists are auto-generated mixtapes from your pals

Spotify has announced another new way to mix and match music on its service with your friends. Its new Friends Mix playlist type aims to get you out of your comfort zone with tracks that your friends have been listening to. Unlike Blend, one of its other personalized playlist types that merges a few of […]

Apple and Google come under scrutiny for scammy crypto apps

From Elon Musk Twitter impersonators to dubious Discord chats, cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) scammers have stolen billions of dollars from investors over the last few years. But now, politicians and law enforcement are turning their attention to Apple and Google — companies that operate huge app stores — and how they review fraudulent crypto […]

The first official PlayStation-friendly iPhone controller is a Backbone One

Sony has enlisted accessory company Backbone to make a PlayStation-ified version of the excellent Backbone One mobile controller for iPhone. It gives off PS Vita vibes, except somehow, Sony was okay with Backbone keeping its Xbox-like analog stick arrangement. The $99.99 controller, which can be pulled open to fit iPhones as small as the 13 […]