The Twitter v. Elon trial pregame heats up

This Week in Elon This Week in Elon is a limited-run newsletter that is occasionally revived when there’s Too Much News. And right there, this is Too Much News. You can subscribe here. This Week In Elon, we’re talking about M&A again — but this time, we mean mergers and acquisitions — not marriages and […]

Netflix’s Carter puts action above all else

Netflix has released many glitzy, action-filled episodic series this year, including All of Us Are Dead and Money Heist: Korea. But its next big action piece is a film, Carter, which stars Joo Won in the leading role. The usually clean-cut heartthrob image of Joo Won undergoes a startling transformation here into the rugged, ruffian-like […]

The best sleep tech you can buy right now

The best sleep tech for you will heavily depend on what you want to improve. Is your main concern how sleep impacts your exercise performance? Or are you hoping to mask the sound of your snoring partner? Maybe you want a more health-focused aid that tracks breathing disturbances? Sleep tech runs the gamut from trackers […]

New LIFX smart lighting products could be coming soon

A few years back, there were two big names in the high-end smart bulb game — Philips Hue, which worked with a proprietary Zigbee bridge, and LIFX, which worked over Wi-Fi, no extra white plastic box required. (We all know how much people hate hubs and bridges cluttering up their smart homes.) Yet, the Zigbee-based […]

Netflix’s The Sandman is a dream adaptation of a classic

The opening moments of Netflix’s The Sandman are heart-stopping. We watch a beautiful raven fly from the waking world of humans into the realm of the titular Sandman (Tom Sturridge). Angles bend impossibly, light from unknown sources dazzles the grounds, creatures of nightmares and fevers intermingle, an eternal library folds on itself. Yet this is […]

How to keep your kids busy while you work from home

Working from home can be a balancing act between your business and personal life — especially if you’ve got kids. If your children are toddlers, then you must depend on partners, family, or childcare providers to keep them away from your Zoom sessions. If they are school age, you may have some time for yourself […]

Amazon acquires Roomba robot vacuum makers iRobot for $1.7 billion

Amazon has signed an agreement to acquire iRobot, makers of Roomba robot vacuums. The deal is valued at approximately $1.7 billion, and Amazon will acquire iRobot for $61 per share in an all-cash transaction. “Customers love iRobot products — and I’m excited to work with the iRobot team to invent in ways that make customers’ […]

Microsoft Word 101: how to convert a Word doc to a PDF

For a long time, Adobe’s PDF file format has been the format for legal and business documents, largely because they most closely resemble their hardcopy versions — and because they can be locked down relatively easily so that no changes can be made. But while PDFs are great for producing accurate digital versions of paper […]

DuckDuckGo browser’s stricter privacy protection will also apply to Microsoft scripts now

After a revelation in May that DuckDuckGo’s (DDG) privacy-focused web browser allows Microsoft tracking scripts on third-party websites, the company now says it will start blocking those too. DuckDuckGo’s browser had third-party tracker loading protection by default that already blocked scripts embedded on websites from Facebook, Google, and others, but until now Microsoft’s scripts from […]

What to expect from Samsung’s August Unpacked event

Samsung’s annual summer launch event is almost here. The company will hold its August Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10th at 9AM ET, one year and one day after last year’s foldable-focused event. And, if rumors are to be believed, we’re set for a very similar lots of announcements consisting of a pair of foldables […]