Watch out, someone wants to turn Pac-Man into a live-action movie

As Hollywood looks ever further afield for IP to turn into new film franchises, the classic arcade game Pac-Man has emerged as the next potential basis for a live-action adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is currently under development at Wayfarer (the studio behind Disney Plus’s Clouds) with assistance from Bandai Namco, based […]

Xbox Elite 2 white controller leaked in unboxing video

Microsoft appears to be working on a new white version of the Xbox Elite 2 controller. Video of the unannounced Xbox Elite 2 controller has appeared on YouTube, sporting a white face plate and black grips. The video comes months after a white Xbox Elite 2 controller was reportedly spotted at a retailer in the […]

Oppo and OnePlus halt phone sales in Germany following Nokia lawsuit

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo and its sub-brand OnePlus have halted sales of smartphones in Germany after losing a patent lawsuit with Nokia. Nokia has accused the companies of using its patented technology for processing 4G and 5G signals without paying for a license, reports European patent news site Juve Patent, and won an injunction to […]

WhatsApp’s new update makes it easier to avoid your friends

WhatsApp is rolling out a way to hide your “last seen” status from specific contacts, as well as the ability to leave a group without notifying other users. Last December, WhatsApp started hiding users’ online status from strangers by default. While this was a step in the right direction, it still allows your entire list […]

Burger King just emailed everyone a blank receipt in a whopper of a mistake

Burger King has just emailed thousands or millions of customers with a blank order email receipt. The blank emails started appearing at around 12:15AM ET, leaving Burger King customers confused whether the company has been breached by a hungry hacker attempting a midnight feast, or if the emails are simply a giant whopper of a […]

What is a Chainlink? – An Explanation: a blog about the Chainlink and how it works.

A Chainlink is a smart contract on the Ethereum network. It allows for two different types of data to be integrated into smart contracts, which can then be used by other smart contracts or applications. The Chainlink network connects API providers with developers and dApps (decentralized applications) by providing easy access to off-chain data. This […]

Snapchat to let parents see who their kids are chatting with in app

As part of Snap’s child safety efforts, Snapchat is launching a new supervision tool on Tuesday that the company says mimics how parents and teenagers interact in the real world. Snapchat’s new “Family Center” hub allows parents and guardians to keep tabs on who their teens message with on the app without disclosing what it […]

Snap is planning to lay off employees

Snap is in the early stages of planning layoffs, according to two people familiar with the plans. The planned cuts come after the company recently delivered disappointing earnings results and didn’t forecast earnings for the third quarter — news that sent its stock price cratering to near-all-time lows. It’s currently unclear how many of Snap’s […]

WhatsApp users now have two days to delete embarrassing texts

Sent a wildly inappropriate text meant for your boo to, I don’t know, your boss? Now you have some extra time to save face and delete it – well, if you’re using WhatsApp at least. WhatsApp users now have a little over two days after sending a message to delete it instead of just one […]

Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones review: less cool, more comfortable

It’s fair to say this isn’t what I expected. Sennheiser’s new Momentum 4 Wireless headphones mark a dramatic pivot away from the retro stylings of previous models. The genuine leather headband and stainless steel ear cup sliders that came to represent the Momentum line are now history. Instead, the $349.95 fourth-generation headphones take an unmistakable […]