Ford is almost ready to take new F-150 Lightning orders — with a $7,000 price hike

Nearly nine months after it stopped taking reservations, Ford is ready to reopen the order banks for the F-150 Lightning. But buyers beware: the price for the electric truck has gone up by around $7,000 across all trim levels. Ford is citing “significant material cost increases and other factors” as the primary reason for raising […]

DNC wants influencers to make their midterm message go viral

With less than 100 days until the midterm elections, the Democrats are equipping influencers and TikTok creators with digital tools to reach voters across the internet with party-sponsored content. In the run-up to election season, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) built an online organizing hub to drive the party’s messaging beyond its own social channels. […]

1Password 8 arrives on Android and iOS with a big redesign and personalized home

1Password is launching a big update to its Android and iOS apps today. 1Password 8 overhauls the design of the mobile password management apps in many of the same ways the 1Password 8 apps for Windows and Mac were redesigned in recent months. The new mobile interface includes a personalized home tab, which should make […]

Why the US can’t quit Russian uranium

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is exposing a lesser-known unexpected link between Russia and the United States: the nuclear fuel supply chain. Back in March 2022, President Biden announced sanctions on Russia’s energy exports, specifically oil and gas. But one notable export was left off of that list: uranium. In 2021, the US relied on Russia […]

How to get your Steam Deck to access the Epic Games Store and more

Steam may certainly have the lion’s share when it comes to building a library of PC games, but why would you leave yourself stranded in Valve’s ecosystem when there are mountains of free games and sales on the Epic Games Store and other platforms? For instance, in 2021, the Epic Games Store gave away 89 […]

NextGen 2022

The 21st century is a wild time to be a young person. The old systems are crumbling, new ideas are bubbling up, and people are more restless than ever. At the center of it all is the greatest communication system the world has ever known, reflecting every frustration and desire through a maze of mirrors. […]

Finding community in a hip-hop producer’s Twitch stream

In May 2020, I was searching for something — anything — to bring me joy. The world had become a dark place, and I just wanted to feel hopeful. And so, rationally, I went looking in the most obvious place: Twitch. And what I found was the Twitch stream of music producer Kenny Beats. Kenny […]

Sonic’s gotta go fast for a third cinematic outing in December 2024

A third live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie is on the way, and it’s set for release on December 20th, 2024, the film’s official Twitter account has confirmed. There’s no word yet on whether Ben Schwartz will return in the titular role, or whether director Jeff Fowler, or writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller will be […]

The chaotic joy of Art Fight

In the summer of 2017, I was stuck between high school and college and stuck between two versions of myself. There was the high school version of me, someone with a laser focus on traditional academic success, and the college version of myself, a mystery that burst with the potential to do and create outside […]