Twitter is experiencing some problems right now

Twitter has been having issues for some users on Tuesday. I’m not personally experiencing any problems (yet), but a colleague says that things have been loading very slowly, specifically when it comes to new tweets and replies. They were also logged out on the web and weren’t able to sign back in. I seem to […]

How to fast-forward through a TikTok video

TikTok videos aren’t what you would call long, but sometimes you might want to skip a few seconds ahead — especially now that the videos can be up to 10 minutes long. Or you may have a favorite moment that you want to replay over and over and over. Either way, TikTok has a way […]

Budget smart lighting line WiZ adds a portable light, button and floor lamp

WiZ, the more budget-friendly, hubless sibling to Philips Hue (both companies are owned by Signify), beefed up its range of Wi-Fi-powered smart lighting products with new releases this week. The $89.99 WiZ Mobile Portable Light is coming in October, and the $24.99 WiZ Smart Button, which acts as a switch or remote control for all […]

Issey Miyake, fashion pioneer and designer of Steve Jobs’ turtlenecks, dies at 84

I had never held a piece by Issey Miyake before the tail end of a trip back home to Japan in 2019, when I wandered into the Pleats Please boutique in the Narita International Airport before my flight. Candy-colored clothes hung like streaks of paint against the perfectly white laminated walls. Store attendees patiently strolled […]

How to teach TikTok what you like to watch

For those who may not yet be familiar with it, TikTok is a different type of social media platform. Unlike more traditional platforms like Instagram or Twitter where you manually curate your feeds by choosing to follow others — most likely, people you know — TikTok uses an algorithm to curate a highly personalized feed […]

Street Fighter 6 is bringing the ‘80s (and feet) back

Here come some new challengers. At the end of EVO 2022’s Street Fighter V tournament, Capcom revealed two more characters coming to the roster of Street Fighter 6: Juri, the “I can fix her” returning fighter, and newcomer Kimberly, an ‘80s-obsessed teen. Kimberly, the spunky new ninja, and Juri, the sadistic thrill-seeker, join #StreetFighter6 when […]

Google’s big plans for wearables could include workouts from your TV

Google has yet to launch its first smartwatch, but the company may already be working on the next steps for its wearable plans. According to a Protocol report, Google is planning to integrate fitness trackers into Google TV and Android TV as part of a broader push to strengthen its product ecosystem. The question is […]

The Pokémon anime’s Arceus Chronicles special is headed to Netflix

Following the debut of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it was only a matter of (apologies) time before the Pokémon anime started focusing on stories about the Sinnoh region’s distant past when it was first settled by humans. While animated shorts like Hisuian Snow have delved a bit into the Sinnoh region’s history by introducing new characters, […]

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: all the news and updates from the event

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is here, with the event starting for viewers on Wednesday, August 10th, at 9AM ET / 6AM PT. Over the last few months, Samsung has dropped breadcrumbs about what we can expect out of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked. Along the way, we’ve had some good clues about what’s to come from the event. […]

Google launches new website for kids learning to read

Google has released a browser version of its “Read Along” Android app. The website, while still in beta, is up and running now. The site includes hundreds of illustrated stories at a few different reading levels. Once kids select a story, they start reading into their device’s microphone. Words are highlighted in blue after they’ve […]