One of the best Google search hacks is getting even better

Did you know you can search for an exact word or phrase on Google by putting quotation marks around it? It’s a great way to get specific about something you’re looking for. And on Thursday, Google announced what I think will be a nice improvement: the small snippets underneath a search result link will now […]

MultiVersus delays launch of season 1, release of Morty character

Player First Games, developer of MultiVersus, the arena brawler that pits Warner Bros. and DC Comics characters against each other in battles to the death, has announced it’s delaying the start of season 1 and the release of the Morty character. We want to let everyone know that we are delaying the start of Season […]

HBO Max gets Chip and Joanna Gaines but may lose what makes it special

It should not surprise you that HBO Max is about to be in a world of hurt. It is larger and more successful than its current sister streamer, Discovery Plus. But it’s also a part of Warner Bros. Discovery, a company now helmed by David Zaslav, and Zaslav is a man who loves him some […]

TuSimple reportedly tried to pass off a self-driving truck crash as “human error”

TuSimple is in trouble. Last April, a semi-trailer truck operated by the San Diego-based company that was traveling down I-10 in Tucson, Arizona, suddenly lurched left, slamming into a concrete divider, according to dashcam footage leaked to YouTuber Asian Mai. TuSimple blamed “human error,” but a report in The Wall Street Journal says that’s a […]

The Verge’s favorite ways to relieve stress

It’s been a really stressful few years. We’ve all been living through pandemics (plural!), political upheaval, economic awfulness — you name it. And this isn’t even mentioning the normal pressure of work and family. So how do you deal? We asked the staff of The Verge to let us know how they cope with the […]

Apex Legends’ new character comes with a cute sidekick and a big sniper rifle

Apex Legends continues to hold its players’ attention even after several years on the market, and next week, the battle royale shooter will bring things back to where they started with a new season that revisits the game’s original map. This year, the game already added two new characters (plus two more in the new […]

Save $50 on the Google Pixel 6A, no strings attached

The Pixel 6A from Google is just a week old, but there’ve been notable promotions running on it since before it came out. Now, you can get the Pixel 6A for an outright discount of $50 off at Amazon, knocking the price of the sage and charcoal colors down to $399 — no included gift […]

Apple might remove the headphone jack from its next entry-level iPad

Apple has gradually removed the headphone jack from its entire iPhone lineup and several iPads like the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. And now, the company seems poised to eliminate it from the iPad altogether: according to purported renders of an upcoming redesign of the entry-level model, the 3.5mm connector is about to […]

The US-made 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 will start at $37,495

Volkswagen announced that the 2023 ID.4 electric crossover SUV, which the automaker just started producing at its factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will start at the suggested price of $37,495 — making it one of the more affordable plug-in crossovers on the market today. Combined with the federal EV tax credit of $7,500 — which may […]