Def Con hacker shows John Deere’s tractors can run Doom

The internet has shown us that Doom can run on everything from a cardboard box to a Roomba and even a single keyboard key, but now we can add a John Deere tractor to that list. Security researcher Sick Codes worked with Doom modder Skelegant to get the game running on a John Deere tractor […]

Walmart Plus subscribers are about to get a lot of streaming content for free

Walmart has looked at the field of streaming services and finally settled on Paramount Plus as a partner to bundle into its subscription service, Walmart Plus. The company is hoping all those plus signs will help it compete with Amazon, its biggest rival in the “ship everything under the sun directly to a customer’s home” […]

Warner Bros. Discovery cuts around 70 jobs at HBO Max

After rumors swirled that Warner Bros. Discovery would be announcing a massive restructuring for HBO Max, the company has reportedly eliminated some jobs — though not nearly as many as had been feared. Warner Bros. Discovery is cutting around 14 percent of staff, or about 70 jobs, that had been under the purview of HBO […]

Signal alerts 1,900 messaging users to a security threat from Twilio hackers

A data breach earlier this month affecting Twilio, a gateway that helps web platforms communicate over SMS or voice, may have had repercussions for users of Signal, the encrypted messaging platform. Today, Signal announced it has alerted 1,900 users that their accounts were potentially revealed to whoever hacked Twilio and said that the attackers searched […]

Spotify is offering three months free to new Premium subscribers

Spotify is offering three free months of service for new Spotify Premium users. The three-month offer is available for new individual and student subscribers, while new Spotify Duo and family subscribers can receive one free month. The offer isn’t available to former Premium members, but Spotify is giving those who canceled before July 15th a […]

Bundles are killing the cord-cutting dream

This will be upsetting to learn if you, like me, spent the better part of two decades cutting cords to escape paying for a bunch of sports channels you never watch. But… the bundle is back. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Walmart is partnering with Paramount Plus to include the streaming service as […]

Watch out for the “extreme heat belt” developing across the central US

An “extreme heat belt” that stretches across the center of the US is expected to emerge over the next 30 years, subjecting millions more Americans to dangerously hot days. That’s according to new research published today by the nonprofit research group First Street Foundation. The belt is expected to extend from Texas and Louisiana all […]

You may soon have to assemble your own Peloton

Coming on the heels of a third round of layoffs, Peloton is now considering redesigning its bikes so that users can assemble them independently. CEO Barry McCarthy is also considering a plan that would let Peloton app subscribers potentially view workouts on third-party workout machines. McCarthy told Bloomberg that Peloton has been working on a […]