Wordle’s upgraded Wordlebot has a new recommended starting word

The New York Times has made a few upgrades to its Wordle assistant WordleBot, and that includes a new recommended starting word: SLATE. Previously, it recommended CRANE, but now you might want to slate this new one into your repertoire. The NYT introduced WordleBot in April as a “daily companion” to help analyze your Wordle […]

Code in the Netflix app suggests the ad-supported version may have a drawback

If you thought ad-supported Netflix would just be the regular service with some commercial breaks, then I regret to inform you you were wrong. According to language in the code of the Netflix app, discovered by developer Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg, Netflix may limit offline downloads to the ad-free tiers of Netflix. Currently, […]

China’s heatwave closes factories that supply parts to Tesla, Intel, and Toyota

The world’s biggest electric vehicle battery maker, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), and Intel are among the major companies shutting down their factories for six days in China’s Sichuan province because of a heatwave-related power shortage in the area, according to CNN and Bloomberg. The move affects factories belonging to companies like Tesla’s battery […]

Adidas will now sell you a pair of solar-powered headphones

Solar-powered gadgets are nothing new — Logitech has sold keyboards you never have to plug in for over a decade now. But an audio headset where barely there solar cells blend into the design? Until this week, we’d only ever tried one of those. Now, there are at least four. On Tuesday, Adidas announced the […]

Sony has opened a public queue to buy the PlayStation 5

It’s been a minute since Sony last offered the PlayStation 5 via its digital storefront. The company ran public restocks three days in a row last month, allowing anyone with a PlayStation Network account to line up online for a chance to buy one. And frankly, recent restock events have been fairly easy to breeze […]

First impressions of the new Turtle Beach React-R controller

The Turtle Beach React-R is the latest controller from the gaming accessories brand, newly available in the USA today for $39.99. It’s a wired Xbox and PC controller with a detachable USB-C cable, officially licensed by Microsoft, and it mixes some of Turtle Beach’s audio chops from its headsets into an affordable gamepad. The React-R […]

Substack’s promise to be different than a newsroom is getting messy

By most measures, Forever Wars should have been a Substack success story. The newsletter, which documents the war on terror, began last year after Substack cut a deal with a seasoned reporter to write on the platform, build an audience, and — if everything went well — launch a reader-supported venture that made the switch […]

Reddit is going to make it easier to create great bots

Reddit’s working on a new portal to provide developers with the resources they need to create bots and other third-party tools. In a blog post, Reddit announced that it’s opening a wait list for the beta of its developer platform, allowing developers to host bots for free and reuse apps across different communities. If you’re […]

Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” apparently vibed too hard for some laptops

While it’s normal for friends to judge our music tastes and take away your aux privileges, our devices usually won’t complain about our listening habits (even if we ask them to repeatedly play a song that most humans would find insufferable). However, according to a story shared by Microsoft principal software engineer Raymond Chen on […]

We stress-tested the microphones on Samsung and Google’s new earbuds

A couple of months ago on The Vergecast, we wanted to answer a question: which wireless earbuds should you buy to use for phone calls, Zoom meetings, or chatting with your voice assistant? So The Verge’s Chris Welch went to a noisy coffee shop in Brooklyn and hopped on a call with Vergecast co-host David […]