Another sign of post-pandemic podcast fatigue

Surprise! I had a bit of a vacation detour, so I am back for a two-day stint before taking off again Thursday. The TL;DR of my trip is that Sweden is great — let’s all move there and take our four weeks of summer vacation and eat princess cake. It is a slow week in […]

American Airlines places order for 20 supersonic jets from Boom Supersonic

American Airlines announced Tuesday that it has placed an order for up to 20 supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic, with an option for an additional 40 jets. American is the second major airline to bet on the return of ultra-fast air travel in just two years. The amount of money exchanging hands was not disclosed, […]

Alienware’s new high-speed gaming monitors have a place to hang your headphones

Alienware is releasing a pair of new gaming monitors, including a 25-incher with a 360Hz variable refresh rate and a 27-inch Quad HD option that can overclock to 280Hz. Both monitors sport leaner designs than the brand’s other recent offerings, with smaller bases and slide-out headset stands, giving users more desk real estate for massive […]

Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s current CEO are fighting FTC attempts to make them testify

This week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed a recent filing from Amazon (you can read it in full below), showing the internet retail giant’s requests for limits on the agency’s investigation of its business practices. According to lawyers representing Amazon, CEO Andy Jassy, former CEO Jeff Bezos, and several other employees, the overly “burdensome” […]

The new USB Rubber Ducky is more dangerous than ever

The USB Rubber Ducky is back with a vengeance. The much-loved hacking tool has a new incarnation, released to coincide with the Def Con hacking conference this year, and creator Darren Kitchen was on hand to explain it to The Verge. We tested out some of the new features and found that the latest edition […]

Overwatch 2 players can now merge accounts to get their old gear

Ahead of Overwatch 2’s launch on October 4th, the developers are letting us know how to take advantage of the game’s progression system. If you play Overwatch across multiple platforms, starting today, you’ll have the option to merge the separate accounts, allowing you to share all the in-game cosmetics you’ve earned as well as progression […]

Watch NASA’s massive new rocket crawl toward its first launch

NASA’s giant Space Launch System will start its first journey into space with a slow crawl along the ground. The first window for the rocket’s highly anticipated launch will open on August 29th, and for once in its extremely long development history, everything is running ahead of schedule. The original plan was to roll out […]

The line between headphones and hearing aids is about to get way blurrier

Hearing aids will soon be able to be sold over the counter and without a prescription, the Biden administration announced Tuesday. A new final rule from the Food and Drug Administration created a new category for over-the-counter hearing aids — which wouldn’t need an exam or an expensive fitting. The devices could be in stores […]

AMD is holding a launch event for its Ryzen 7000 CPUs this month

Maybe don’t build a new PC right now? AMD just announced it’ll unwrap its next-gen Ryzen 7000 processors on August 29th — where it’ll hopefully stop teasing us with vague but promising Zen 4 improvements and announce some actual chips for our devices. What we already know: the Ryzen 7000 processors are the first PC […]