Google adds AI language skills to its helper robots to better understand humans

Google’s parent company Alphabet is bringing together two of its most ambitious research projects — robotics and AI language understanding — in an attempt to make a “helper robot” that can understand natural language commands. Since 2019, Alphabet been developing robots that can carry out simple tasks like fetching drinks and cleaning surfaces. This Everyday […]

Ford F-150 Lightning review: fast truck, slow computer

The new electric F-150 Lightning is a big deal for Ford and, really, for the car industry at large. The F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle in America for over 40 years now, which means an EV F-150 is a big step toward electrifying cars, period. But it’s mainly a big step for Ford, which […]

The evolution of my budget standing desk

It took me over two years to recognize that I needed a standing desk. When I started working here at The Verge, one of the first tech toys I got to play with was a desk that you could raise and lower to a standing or sitting position. It was the first time I’d actually […]

The apps and services you need to dominate in fantasy football

It’s fantasy football season! For the next few months, millions of people will compete to be the smartest football thinker in their friend group. We’ll spend hours (too many hours) looking for sleepers, learning the names and play styles of guys who will never even sniff the field, and having such strong attachment to their […]

Lyft and Motional’s all-electric robotaxi service is now live in Las Vegas

A new robotaxi service has officially launched for public use in Las Vegas. It’s being run by Lyft and an autonomous vehicle company called Motional and is a prelude to a fully driverless service that is set to launch in the city in 2023. Motional, which is a joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv, has […]

You raise me up, so I can tackle deadlines

Twelve South has announced the Curve Flex, a laptop stand designed with MacBooks in mind that elevates your device from two to 22 inches and can fold flat for portability. The Curve Flex is offered in a matte finish in either black or white and is available for $79.99 / £79.99 / €89.99. This isn’t […]

Govee DreamView G1 Pro monitor light: bathing in RGB

Govee has carved out an interesting niche in TV bias lights that use a mounted camera to match the lighting to what’s on-screen. With its latest product, the Govee DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Light, it brings this formula to desktop computers and gaming monitors. The DreamView G1 Pro is derived from its larger, TV-sized cousins, […]

Spotify tries asking users to record audio reactions to music playlists

News articles have comments, YouTube has reaction videos, and now a new test from Spotify sees the streaming service experiment with audio reactions for music playlists. The experiment came to light thanks to a Reddit user based in Vietnam who posted screenshots of the reaction prompt. “So what do you think?” the interface reads. “Record […]

Polestar’s O2 concept will become the Polestar 6 electric roadster, due out 2026

Polestar announced that its O2 electric roadster concept has graduated to a production model as the Polestar 6, with assembly expected to kick off in 2026. The O2, which was first unveiled earlier this year, was originally designed to showcase the automaker’s bonded aluminum platform, which Polestar produces in-house, as well as some quirkier features […]