Corsair’s new gaming monitor bends into a curved display

Can’t decide between buying a flat or curved monitor? Corsair thinks it might have the solution to your (admittedly, niche) woes with the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240: a flexible OLED gaming monitor that you can literally bend by hand to switch form factors. The transforming display is possible thanks to a W-OLED panel from LG Display, […]

Twitter whistleblower to testify in Congress over damning security revelations

Twitter’s former security chief Peiter “Mudge” Zatko will testify in Congress next month after he went public with damning allegations about the social media company’s security practices and attempts to mislead regulators, the Washington Post reports. Zatko is scheduled to speak at a hearing on September 13th and is expected to address the privacy and […]

Ethereum’s long-awaited proof-of-stake transition set to start on September 6th

The Ethereum Foundation has announced that September 6th will be the starting date for the system-wide transition known as the Merge. The first domino will be toppled on the 6th with the activation of the Bellatrix upgrade, which will then set the rest of the Merge process in action, with a completion date expected between […]

Nvidia to announce next-gen GPU architecture in September amid RTX 4090 rumors

Nvidia is getting ready to announce its next-gen GPU architecture, codenamed Lovelace. Ampere is the current GPU architecture that powers Nvidia’s RTX 30-series GPUs, after Turing debuted with the first RTX cards in 2018. Nvidia is now expected to detail its Lovelace GPU architecture at GTC 2022 in September, with CEO Jensen Huang hinting at […]

Sony hikes price of PS5 in Europe, Japan, and more

Sony is increasing its PS5 prices in the UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. Prices are jumping by 10 percent in Europe, and by around 6 percent in the UK as inflation rates impact Sony and many other companies. While Sony is increasing PS5 prices in many parts of the world, it says […]

Starlink lowers monthly subscription prices for many

Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet-from-space service provided by SpaceX, is notifying customers with some good news: their monthly subscriptions have been reduced in response to “local market conditions.” I received one for my Starlink RV service that normally costs me €124 each month in the Netherlands. It says, “Effective 8/24/2022, Starlink is reducing your monthly service […]

My iPhone is calling to me with a different voice

Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 update brings with it a lot of new features — things like the ability to customize your Lock Screen, edit iMessages, or copy written text from a video. But Apple’s also made an under-the-radar change to some of the iPhone’s sounds, which some of us hear at The Verge noticed while […]

Masahiro Sakurai is the latest creator to join YouTube

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of games like Kirby and Super Smash Bros., has revealed his next big project: a YouTube channel. The gaming folk hero teased that he was working on something new earlier this week, and now you can super smash that like button and subscribe to his new channel, Masahiro Sakurai on Creating […]

Wordle snags a place inside the New York Times Crossword app

Wordle is now available in The New York Times Crossword app for both iOS and Android users. The addictive guessing game joins both The New York Times Crossword variants, Spelling Bee, and more. Users can also continue to play the game on their desktop and through the mobile website. The word-guessing game became an immediate […]

Steam’s new mobile app looks way, way better

I’ve been using the Steam iOS app quite a bit since getting a Steam Deck, but every time I opened the app, I had to deal with an interface that just felt old — the overall design hadn’t been updated in a very long time. It seems Valve felt that way, too, because it’s now […]