The PlayStation 5 is almost easy to buy

Throughout the pandemic, it has brought me extreme joy to pen articles celebrating that hard-to-find tech is getting easier to buy at retail cost. First, it was the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch OLED, then the Series X, and almost all Nvidia and AMD GPUs followed a few months after. We’re getting very close […]

To fight climate change, we need to start biking like the Dutch

If people around the world were as enthusiastic cyclers as they are in the Netherlands, we could cut an impressive amount of planet-heating pollution. The Dutch use bicycles to get around more than folks in any other country, cycling about 2.6 kilometers (1.62 miles) a day. If that was the trend across the world, it […]

Meditation apps also experienced a post-pandemic fall-off

I’ve really tried to meditate. I know it would probably be good for me! But no matter how much I tried (and if my therapist asks, I definitely tried), I couldn’t make the habit stick. So I gave up. And I’m not alone: over the past two years, fewer and fewer people have been using […]

Google brought back the timer, and it’s about time

Google’s handy timer and stopwatch that you can use right from Search have returned. The tools have been unavailable for weeks, but Google public search liaison Danny Sullivan announced that the timer was back in a tweet on Wednesday. To use the timer, just type “set a timer for [however long you need],” and the […]

Are we dreaming? The Sandman just released a bonus episode

Netflix has just released a bonus, full-length episode for The Sandman, its critically acclaimed live-action series based on Neil Gaiman’s DC Comics series of the same name. This new episode is split into two parts, each covering a standalone short story from the original dark fantasy comic series. The first is an animated adaptation of […]

How to create an Alexa Routine

If you’ve got an Echo smart speaker sitting on your kitchen counter and all you’ve used it for so far is to set an egg timer, play some music, and maybe enjoy the occasional “pull my finger” joke, you’re missing out. Alexa, the virtual assistant built into Echo devices and other speakers (and a thermostat), […]

Vergecast: Android 13 arrives, Galaxy Watch 5 review, and social video gets competitive

Every Wednesday and Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where our editors make sense of the week’s most important technology news. On Fridays, Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel, editor-at-large David Pierce, and managing editor Alex Cranz discuss the week in tech news with the reporters and editors covering the biggest stories. On today’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro review: to the loyal go the spoils

We’re entering new territory in the walled garden earbud wars: to get the very best audio quality from Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, you need to use them with a Samsung phone. It was always going to come to this. Between Apple’s AirPods, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, Google’s Pixel Buds, and other earbuds developed by companies […]

How to reprogram the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s buttons

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 offers more customizability at launch than its previous watches. Part of that is the ability to reprogram the home button and back keys to better suit your daily needs or workflows. And now that Google Assistant is available on Wear OS 3, you don’t have to settle for Samsung hard-coding Bixby […]