Apple Maps turns 10 — and it’s finally worth using

If you own an iPhone, I invite you to check out the Brooklyn Bridge in Apple Maps. In the 3D view, you can see just how it stretches across the East River, hovering over the highway on the edge of Manhattan and towering over its namesake park at the tip of Brooklyn. Flip on Apple’s […]

So you just discovered BTS

Every fan of every band has, at some point, been there. You spotted them performing at the Grammys, working out with James Corden, taking over Grand Central, or hanging out with Joe Biden. You heard Butter on the radio, and you were like, “Hey, that’s catchy.” You’re intrigued — you like their music, and they […]

Big questions about how laws and taxes apply to NFTs and the metaverse

NFTs can now serve as court documents… but they might also be unregistered securities, illegal loot boxes, or come with impossible tax demands.  Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are thought of by most people as just funny pictures that degens on the internet spend far too much money on for poorly understood reasons. But Jason Corbett, managing […]

ChromeOS tests keyboard controls for touchscreen-only Android games

In a move that feels a little late, coming years after Chromebooks got access to Android apps and games, Google says that ChromeOS users will get access to an “early Alpha” of game controls optimized for certain touchscreen-only games. Mobile games are obviously made for use on phones with touchscreens, which many computers don’t have. […]

Google expands Play Store billing altneratives to many countries

Google has quietly expanded its “User Choice Billing” pilot to let more developers of non-gaming Android apps offer third-party payment options as alternatives to Google Play’s. Developers will see their service fees of 15 to 30 percent reduced by 4 percent when users select a new third-party billing option, which the developer — not Google […]

What is Cosmos ATOM and how does it work?

In this guide, we’ll explain what the Cosmos project is and how it works. We’ll also give you a brief overview of its history and its native token, ATOM. Cosmos is a blockchain technology project designed to deliver the next generation of distributed applications, or dApps. Cosmos is a blockchain technology project designed to deliver […]

Another Apple Store union election is brewing

Workers at the Penn Square Apple Store in Oklahoma City have filed with the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union election, becoming the third US location to have done so. According to a press release, over 70 percent of the store’s salespeople, genius admins, technicians, creatives, and operations specialists, have signed cards to […]

Apple settles lawsuit over its App Store moderation and power

Developer and App Store critic Kosta Eleftheriou has settled his lawsuit with Apple, according to a report from TechCrunch. The suit, filed in March 2021, argued that Apple made it difficult for him to sell his app, Flicktype, on the App Store, after it seemingly lost interest in acquiring the tech. The lawsuit alleged that […]

Microsoft confirms new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan and its pricing

After a leak revealed Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family branding over the weekend, Microsoft has gone official with its new plan and revealed its pricing in Ireland and Colombia. The new subscription will allow Xbox Game Pass members to share with up to four other friends or family members at €21.99 per month in […]