Microsoft announces a Surface event for October 12th

Microsoft/ Tech / It’s time for new Surface devices New Surface devices are on the way.Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge Microsoft is holding a Surface event next month. The software giant is officially labeling the event “Microsoft Fall 2022 Event,” where it says it plans to “talk about devices.” The Microsoft event will kick […]

I tried replacing Google with TikTok, and it worked better than I thought

/ Is this the search engine of the future? Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge TikTok is the new Google. Or so some people say. As TikTok grows, Google, in particular, has begun to describe the app as a whole new way of creating and consuming the internet and maybe an existential threat to […]

The new Astro A30 headset can pull in audio from three gadgets at once

/ It’s launching in October for $229.99. You can choose between two matte-textured colorways. The A30 has an onboard mic, letting you chat on phone calls without bringing along its long, detachable boom mic.Image: Logitech Logitech has announced a new iteration of the Astro A30 wireless gaming headset, a product that’s gone without an update […]

Logitech’s new key light could almost pass for a regular desk lamp

/ Logitech is announcing the Litra Beam alongside a new XLR microphone today The Litra Beam sitting above a monitor.Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge Logitech is introducing a new key light for streamers with a low-profile design that almost makes it look like a regular desk lamp. Rather than using a circular design […]

Logitech’s G Cloud Gaming Handheld arrives in October for $349.99

/ Logitech has worked with Tencent, Microsoft, and Nvidia Logitech’s new handheld is all about the cloud.Image: Logitech Logitech is officially announcing its G Cloud Gaming Handheld today after a teaser and a leak last month. The Android-powered $349.99 handheld will arrive in October, with access to the Google Play Store, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and […]

A hacker used 2K Games’ support desk to send gamers malware

/ The help desk sent email links containing password-stealing malware Hackers have really been targeting the gaming industry this week — and seem to have focused on companies linked to Take-Two Interactive. On Tuesday, game publisher 2K Games notified the public that an “unauthorized third party” had compromised its help desk platform and used it to send […]

Logitech’s G Fits can mold their ear tips to deliver made-for-you sound

/ The purple ear tip-molding LEDs seem like a perfect fit for RGB-loving gamers Look familiar? Yep, these are practically identical to the UE Fits.Image: Logitech Logitech thinks that console and PC gamers, not just audiophiles, might appreciate having custom-molded ear tips for enhanced bass and sound quality. The $229.99 G Fits, releasing in October, […]

The Xbox button on Elite 2 controllers now supports RGB colors

/ Noise suppression is also coming to Xbox One and Windows PCs RGB colors on Xbox Elite 2 controllersImage: Microsoft Microsoft now fully supports RGB colors on the Xbox button of its Elite 2 controllers. While platforms like Steam have offered color options for the Xbox button on Elite 2 controllers, Microsoft is now natively […]

Your car should be able to tell if you’re too drunk or impaired to drive, NTSB says

/ The safety board is also recommending intelligent speed adaptation systems to curb reckless driving NTSB wants cars that can detect drunk driving and automatically manage speed limits. Photo by Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency responsible for investigating vehicle and aviation crashes, called on […]

Vampire Survivors’ new higher price is still worth sinking your teeth into

/ A $2 price increase is but a pittance for the beloved bullet hell indie game Vampire Survivors is slightly increasing its price ahead of leaving early access.Image: Poncle When it was announced that Vampire Survivors — a darling of the indie gaming community — is increasing its price on September 21st ahead of its […]