How to audio record on Windows

/ Recording an interview? Laying down tracks for a song? Here’s how to quickly record audio on a Windows PC. Samar Haddad / The Verge Whether you’re recording a podcast, an interview, a message to a friend, or notes to yourself, audio recording is very easy to do on Windows. There are various third-party apps […]

Headspace wants researchers to test how the app works

/ There isn’t much research on how well digital mental health tools actually help people. Photo by Edward Smith / Getty Images Mental health technology company Headspace Health is calling for researchers to submit proposals for studies on the impact of the company’s tools. The company’s products include both the meditation app Headspace and the […]

Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic visual feature gets by on good vibes and even better looks

Netflix’s Entergalactic is a ‘television event’ that becomes way more emotionally resonant when you look at it as a companion piece to Kid Cudi’s upcoming album Share this story Entergalactic’s protagonist Jabari, who kinda sorta looks like Kid Cudi.Netflix Entergalactic, Netflix’s new “television event” from Kid Cudi and Kenya Barris, feels like a project that […]

PlayerUnknown’s new game sounds outrageously ambitious

/ Artemis is supposed to be an Earth-sized virtual world populated by content that is made and owned by its players A small example of what Melba can do.Image: PlayerUnknown Productions Hey, remember PlayerUnknown? As in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG to your friends? Yeah, well Brendan Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, has provided details surrounding his latest […]

Eero’s best mesh Wi-Fi routers are back down to their lowest prices

Deals/ Tech / In case you want to start (or add onto) a mesh system, Eero’s 6, Pro 6, and Pro 6E lineups are seeing big discounts ahead of the Prime Early Access Sale happening October 11th and 12th The Eero Pro 6 isn’t the latest model, but it might be all you need. It […]

Tumblr is begging you to please stop asking for porn

/ ‘No modern internet service in 2022 can have the rules that Tumblr did in 2007’ Tumblr’s logo.Photo: Amelia Holowaty Krales Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg would like you to please stop asking Tumblr to bring back porn because it isn’t going to happen. After widespread and inaccurate speculation that Tumblr would lift its ban on […]

Meta’s new text-to-video AI generator is like DALL-E for video

/ Just type a description and the AI generates matching footage A sample video generated by Meta’s new AI text-to-video model, Make-A-Video. The text prompt used to create the video was “a teddy bear painting a portrait.” Image: Meta AI text-to-image generators have been making headlines in recent months, but researchers are already moving on […]

A smart lock with long-range wireless power is finally a reality

/ Alfred’s new ML2 Smart Lock is powered by Wi-Charge wireless power, so it never needs new batteries. It’s a mortise lock designed for high-end homes and commercial buildings, and it’s $900. But a standard deadbolt version is coming soon. Image: Alfred I’ve spent the last few months testing smart door locks, and I’ve had […]

Sonos Sub Mini review: low end for a lower price

The long-awaited $429 Sub Mini doesn’t disappoint, but there are still reasons to opt for the standard Sub It’s not an exaggeration to say that Sonos customers have been anticipating a product like the Sub Mini for years. Until now, the only way to fully realize a “complete” Sonos home theater system meant coughing up […]

Two GameStop documentaries miss the forest for the memes

The whole thing smacks of ‘content’ Share this story All this fuss for a brick and mortar?Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge I was somewhat surprised that both Netflix and MSNBC chose to make documentaries about Wall Street Bets, GameStop, and retail traders. The majority of the action takes place online, after all. So […]