Intel’s RTX 3060 competitor is priced at just $289

/ Intel is trying to beat Nvidia on performance per dollar Intel’s Arc A750 arrives next month.Image: Intel Intel surprised PC gamers earlier this week with $329 pricing for its top Arc A770 GPU, matching Nvidia’s RTX 3060 retail pricing. While it’s still difficult to find an RTX 3060 at $329, Intel is now undercutting […]

Soon you can buy a Peloton at Dick’s

/ This is the first time Peloton will be available in-store from an outside retailer. In August, Peloton started selling its bikes, treadmills, and other workout gear via Amazon. Peloton continues to expand outside of its own marketplace.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge In August, Peloton partnered with Amazon to sell its bikes and […]

Apple fires exec after he made crude jokes on the expensive car guy’s TikTok

/ An interviewer asked him what he does for a living. His response had nothing to do with cutting deals with suppliers and partners. Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge Apple’s vice president of procurement, Tony Blevins, has been fired from the company after his crude remarks in a TikTok interview went viral, according […]

Democrats demand FTC probe Amazon-iRobot deal

/ The FTC has already asked Amazon and iRobot for documents related to the deal, but it’s unclear if the agency plans to open a formal investigation Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Federal Trade Commission is facing mounting pressure to block Amazon’s proposed $1.65 billion purchase of iRobot, the company behind Roomba […]

Autodesk and Epic Games are joining forces to bring immersion to architecture tools

/ Autodesk and Epic Games join forces to bring more immersion to architecture tools Epic Games is partnering with industry design software giant Autodesk to bring game-like graphics to architecture tools in order to visualize design concepts and plans as more immersive environments.  While Autodesk architecture software such as Revit is capable of creating 3D […]

Even Twitter is becoming TikTok

/ The company’s adding a scrolling feed of videos and a video section to the Explore tab. I mean, people loved it when Instagram did it, right? Swipe up for more videos — where have I heard that before?Image: Twitter Twitter is joining the bandwagon of social media companies copying TikTok’s everlasting scroll of videos. […]

Mark Zuckerberg tells Meta employees that the company is freezing hiring

/ With drops in growth and revenue, Meta is responding with a hiring freeze across the company. Zuckerberg previously warned of an ‘intense period’ that could last up to two years. Nick Barclay / The Verge Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday that the company is enacting a company-wide hiring freeze and warned […]

Google’s text-to-speech engine is updating its voices

/ New voice models are being introduced for ‘clearer, more natural voices.’ That’s not exactly what we heard on our first listen. Google’s text-to-speech tech is getting new voices across Android apps to improve clarity and sound more natural.The Verge The speech engine Speech Services by Google is being upgraded to improve clarity and make […]

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will continue the story in 2024

/ 20th Century Studios provides a few details on the next chapter in the story, which will star The Witcher’s Freya Allen. Concept art from Kingdom of the Planet of the ApesImage: 20th Century Studios The next entry in the Planet of the Apes saga will start filming soon — and it has yet another […]