Russia fines TikTok $51,000 for content violating anti-LGBTQ laws

/ TikTok’s penalty for not removing LGBTQ content is just the latest in Russia’s crackdown on tech platforms. Twitch was also fined for violating Russia’s “fake news” law. Nick Barclay / The Verge A Russian court fined TikTok 3 million rubles (about $51,000) for failing to delete content on the platform that violates the country’s […]

Isaac goes out on a limb in new Dead Space remake gameplay trailer

/ Get it? It’s because you have to… never mind The developers at EA revealed a new Dead Space remake gameplay trailer just in time to mark the arrival of spooky season. In the trailer, engineer Isaac Clarke arms himself with all sorts of industrial tools to make bloody work of the vicious Necromorphs that […]

Facebook Oversight Board to review Iranian protest content

/ Facebook and its parent company Meta have struggled to address threats of political violence on its platform — from January 6th to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge The Facebook Oversight Board announced Tuesday that it was reviewing a company decision to remove a post calling for the death […]

Someone is tricking Chinese YouTube users with a spyware version of the Tor Browser

/ The program appears to be a working copy of the Tor Browser — but quietly collects identifying information about any users in China Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Researchers at Kaspersky have found malware hidden in a modified version of the anonymity-preserving Tor Browser, distributed in a way that specifically targets users […]

Disney Plus relaunches on PS5 — now with 4K HDR playback

/ Disney catches up with its streaming competitors on Sony’s console by finally moving beyond 1080p Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Disney has announced that a new Disney Plus app is now available globally for Sony’s PlayStation 5. Unlike the previous version, which was just a PS4 app running on the newer console, […]

Asus Vivobook S 14X OLED review: pretty pixels for a pretty price

This is a tech demo for a remarkable display panel One of the neat things about seeing fancy features spread across high-end laptops is the hope that those features will, one day, appear in affordable laptops as well. This year has been the year of the cheap OLED screen in that respect — at least […]

Microsoft’s early Windows 8 concepts shown in new video

Microsoft/ Tech / Work on Windows 8 started in early 2010 It’s been nearly 10 years since Windows 8 launched to the world as part of Microsoft’s big tablet push. While we’ve seen two heads of Windows since then, former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky has shared some early concept images for Windows 8 in a […]