Microsoft strikes “strategic alliance” with solar manufacturer

/ The move could help Microsoft get around a big bottleneck in the solar supply chain. Microsoft president Brad Smith speaks during a climate initiative event in Redmond, Washington, on Thursday, January 16th, 2020. Image: David Ryder/Bloomberg via Getty Images Microsoft just forged a strategic alliance with a major solar panel manufacturer to try to make […]

The Pod Generation envisions the future as an egalitarian dystopia of the soul

/ The Pod Generation wants you to really think about what ‘having it all’ means in a society defined by workplace productivity and an obsession with technology. Chiwetel Ejiofor. Rosalie Craig, and Emilia Clarke in The Pod Generation.Image: MK2 In writer / director Sophie Barthes’ peculiar new sci-fi satire The Pod Generation, there’s little doubt […]

Audi’s latest concept car is a luxury coupe that transforms into a truck

/ The Activesphere is an autonomous electric vehicle with rugged features designed for off-roading and outdoor lovers. It’s the fourth in a series of concepts that Audi says will guide its design process in the future. Image: Audi Audi’s been on a run lately with some interesting concept cars, tackling everything from a giant urban […]

This impressive tool removes watermarks in seconds

/ The AI-powered Watermark effortlessly erases watermarks on copyrighted images in seconds. Stock image platforms like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock may be content with AI while it generates cash for them, but they likely won’t be so keen on it being used to steal their assets.Image: Shutterstock / Phonlamai Photo The already-contentious relationship between AI […]

Why are so many tech companies laying people off right now?

Didn’t they just have record-breaking profits? Share this story Why are so many people in tech getting laid off at once?Image: The Verge There’s an eerie similarity to the statements tech companies have made about their recent layoffs. Mainly, if the press releases are to be believed, the C-suite of every Big Tech company on […]

Uber’s “View as Delivery Person” shows how much of your info couriers get

/ It could be especially useful after a bad experience. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Uber Eats is introducing a feature that will tell you how much of your personal information a courier has access to throughout the delivery process. The feature, called “View as Delivery Person,” is meant to “provide consumers with […]

The Dead Space remake is a grisly cut of classic horror

The new shooter offers low-key but highly effective updates to a great game. Share this story Isaac Clarke goes back to the USG Ishimura.Image: EA In October 2017, publisher Electronic Arts unceremoniously shut down its studio Visceral Games, best known for shooter series Dead Space. Visceral was part of a dwindling breed at EA, devoted […]

Apple’s Studio Display costs a slightly less ridiculous $1,299 at Amazon

/ This 5K display looks incredible, and a $300 price cut on the most basic version makes it easier to look past some of its shortcomings. If you care about pixel perfect scaling in macOS, the Studio Display is your best option. For everyone else, there are many other monitors to buy. Photo by Becca […]

The legal dangers of getting involved with DAOs – Cointelegraph Magazine

Buying DAO tokens? That’s no longer risk-free: Courts might consider you a partner in the business and judge you liable for millions in hacked funds. Another legal trap may be found simply working for a DAO — and implementing community decisions that turn out to be illegal in some far-flung jurisdiction. With many DAO communities […]

ChatGPT can’t be credited as an author, says world’s largest academic publisher

/ But Springer Nature, which publishes thousands of scientific journals, says it has no problem with AI being used to help write research — as long as its use is properly disclosed. Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images Springer Nature, the world’s largest academic publisher, has clarified its policies on the use of […]