Tuca & Bertie has been canceled by Adult Swim

/ After two seasons, Adult Swim has canceled Lisa Hanawalt’s Tuca & Bertie, a show it resurrected after Netflix initially canceled it back in 2019 Tuca and Bertie driving in a car.Image: Adult Swim Adult Swim swooped in to bring Lisa Hanawalt’s Tuca & Bertie back from the dead following Netflix’s move to cancel the […]

All the smart home news from the Matter launch event

Filed under: STREAM / Smart Home The smart home is entering a new phase of interoperability, and these are the first product announcements By Verge Staff 3 updates since Nov 3, 2022, 8:00 AM UTC RSSFollow this stream Image: Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter’s big coming out party is going down today, November 3rd, in Amsterdam […]

For some, Amazon Music’s big Prime expansion comes with big frustrations

/ Not everyone is happy with losing on-demand playback of songs and playlists in exchange for a much larger music catalog. Illustration: The Verge This week, Amazon announced that it would open up its entire catalog of streaming music to Prime subscribers instead of the limited, downsized library they’d previously had access to. The number […]

Philips Hue Bridge is now Matter certified

Smart Home/ Tech / The question now is when will it be updated to support the new smart home protocol. We should hear more soon. Image: Philips Hue The Philips Hue Bridge is now Matter certified. Although parent-company Signify hasn’t announced anything yet, the Hue Bridge was published in the CSA’s Matter certification database early […]

Now Life360’s location monitoring app will keep tabs on your Tile trackers, too

/ After acquiring the item tracking company last year, Life360 is blending the Bluetooth tags in with its family safety service See your family’s Tile trackers within the Life360 app.Image: Life360 Family locator and safety service company Life360 is adding the ability to display Tile tracker locations in its app. The new feature’s rollout starts […]

Nanoleaf reveals its first Matter-over-Thread lighting products

/ New A19, BR30, and GU10 bulbs and a light strip could arrive as early as February, starting at $20. But there are still no plans to upgrade existing Nanoleaf products to Matter. Nanoleaf’s new bulbs will support Thread and Matter.Image: Nanoleaf Nanoleaf has announced the addition of four new Matter-compatible smart bulbs and light […]

How to watch AMD’s next-gen RDNA 3 GPU event

/ AMD is promising ‘groundbreaking’ improvements with its RDNA 3 architecture and next-gen Radeon GPUs. Here’s how to watch today’s live event. It’s November 3rd, which means it’s RDNA 3 day. AMD is ready to unveil its next line of powerful GPUs to the world in a livestream that promises “the next generation of AMD […]

Why did images of early pregnancy cause such a social media firestorm?

Most people don’t know what early pregnancy actually looks like. That complicates abortion discussions. Share this story An image of early pregnancies from five weeks (bottom left) to eight weeks (top right). The tissue has been rinsed of blood and the menstrual lining has been removed, leaving only the gestational sac. MYA Network/Dr. Joan Fleischman, […]

New Snapchat AR lenses let you digitally try on glasses

/ The partnership with Amazon Fashion will allow Snapchat customers to try on and buy branded glasses via AR lenses. The new Amazon fashion shopping lenses allow Snapchat users to try on eyewear and then buy products via an on-screen link.Image: Snap Snap and Amazon Fashion are partnering up to provide Snapchat users with the […]

Mercedes-Benz won’t follow Tesla into the robotaxi game

/ According to chief technology officer Markus Schäfer, the German automaker is happy to build human-driven taxis and a Level 3 automated system where drivers can basically stop paying attention while on the highway Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz CTO Markus Schäfer is energized by his visit to Silicon Valley. The executive is at the automaker’s Sunnyvale, California, […]