Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield is leaving in January

Slack/ Tech / Butterfield has helped co-found Slack and Flickr, and now he’s leaving Salesforce. Photo illustration by William Joel / The Verge | Photography by Joel Saget / AFP via Getty Images Slack CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield is leaving Salesforce in January, reports Business Insider. Butterfield helped co-found Slack in 2013 after Glitch […]

Riot shows off some tag team battles in its League of Legends fighting game

Gaming/ Entertainment / Riot shows off Illaoi gameplay and all the slick assist moves coming to Project L. Riot Games shared more news on the progress of its free-to-play fighting game codenamed Project L in a brief but dense developer update on Monday. In a previous update last August, the team revealed a new fighter, […]

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for its lowest price yet at Best Buy

Deals/ Tech / Plus get discounted bundles on Logitech MX accessories and Apple’s second-gen Airpods Pro earbuds. The Pro model of the Galaxy Watch 5 has improved battery life and a raised touch bezel.Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge Kicking our deals post off this week, you can find the Bluetooth-exclusive model of the […]

The dark, uncertain world of creator funds

/ Platforms are gambling with creators. They’re constantly changing the rules to make the most money — even if it hurts the creators they built their platforms on. Jarett Sitter / The Verge One of my favorite TikTokers, Bran Flakezz, quit his full-time job so he could have more time to do tequila shots on […]

Why automating trucking is harder than you think

An interview with Karen Levy, an assistant professor of sociology at Cornell, about her new book, Data Driven: Truckers, Technology, and the New Workplace Surveillance Share this story Photo by Emil Lippe for The Washington Post via Getty Images As a bevy of classic Hollywood movies has shown, truck driving is an occupation intertwined with […]

The Boys spinoff Gen V looks bloody good

/ Our first look at Gen V includes a college for superheroes, intestinal superpowers, and an obscene amount of blood. The first trailer for The Boys spinoff show Gen V shows us that superpowered college students are just as flippantly violent as the grown-up supes from the original series. The show takes us to Vought […]

AI-generated answers temporarily banned on coding Q&A site Stack Overflow

/ People have been using OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT to flood the site with AI responses, but Stack Overflow’s mods say these ‘have a high rate of being incorrect.’ Photo by Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images Stack Overflow, the go-to question-and-answer site for coders and programmers, has temporarily banned users from sharing responses generated by […]

DJI’s cheaper Mini 3 drone could launch very soon

/ Someone already spotted the non-Pro Mini 3 on the shelf at Best Buy, and it could cost $859.99 with the Fly More bundle and screen-equipped remote controller. The less expensive Mini 3 could ditch the front-facing obstacle sensors on the Mini 3 Pro.Image: Konrad Iturbe via Twitter It looks like DJI’s getting ready to […]