This is the dock that lets Skydio drones truly fly themselves

Drones/ Tech / The Skydio Dock can automatically launch, land, protect, recharge, and remotely send missions to the self-flying drone. It’s almost completely autonomous — over short ranges and if you have a waiver. The Skydio Dock, with a Skydio X2 drone.Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge Skydio is the only company making drones […]

Dwarf Fortress is no longer PC’s most inscrutable game

The subterranean settlement sim has been a cult favorite since it was first released in 2006. Now, a graphically updated version of the game is hitting Steam and Itch, the perfect entry point for the ‘Dwarf Fortress curious.’ Share this story When Tarn and Zach Adams, the two creators of Dwarf Fortress, were children, their […]

The best Fitbit for your fitness and health

Whether you want a basic fitness band or a full-fledged smartwatch, there’s a Fitbit for everyone — though the best Fitbit smartwatch isn’t technically a Fitbit. In 2022, you can find a Fitbit for nearly every budget and health goal. While Fitbits aren’t meant for the most hardcore of athletes, they’re excellent devices for tracking […]

Stop burning trees for energy, scientists urge ahead of UN Biodiversity Conference

/ Hundreds of scientists have signed a letter calling for countries to use wind and solar instead of trees burned for electricity and heat. Little remains but stumps and puddles in what was once a bottomland hardwood forest on the banks of the Roanoke River in northeastern North Carolina. The trees were turned into wood […]

Xbox and Calm have released gaming soundscapes for sleeping

/ Microsoft also highlights games that feature healthy escapism, including Stardew Valley and, uh, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Soundscapes based on the Sea of Thieves and Halo Infinite video games are now available for Calm premium subscribers.Image: Microsoft Microsoft has announced a partnership between Xbox and Calm, a popular sleep, meditation, and relaxation app, that will […]

How to watch The Game Awards 2022

/ Geoff Keighley’s awards and announcements extravaganza streams live on Thursday, December 8th. Geoff Keighley is once again hosting The Game Awards.Photo by JC Olivera / Getty Images It’s almost time for gaming’s annual end-of-year awards and announcements extravaganza. The 2022 edition of The Game Awards takes place on Thursday, December 8th, and the opening […]

North Korea used Internet Explorer vulnerability to target South Koreans

/ The exploit was embedded in documents referencing the recent crowd crush tragedy in Itaewon, Seoul. Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered that an Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability was used to lure victims using Microsoft Office documents referencing the Itaewon Halloween crowd crush tragedy.Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge A new blog post from […]

This year’s roundup of the top Google searches includes super local trends

/ If you’re in the US, Google can tell you what the biggest search terms were in your specific area. Google will show the top searches from your part of the US.Image: Google Let’s jump straight to the chase: “Wordle” was Google’s most searched term globally in 2022. The stat was revealed as part of […]

The Verge’s favorite holiday gifts under $100

If you’re trying to save this season, we’ve pulled together a host of fantastic gifts you can buy for less than $100, ranging from e-readers to Instant Pots. Believe it or not, not every holiday season requires you to break your budget in order to obtain that perfect gift, especially when some of today’s best […]

The deep inequalities of Facebook’s secretive cross-check moderation program

/ Facebook gave special users special moderation exemptions. The Oversight Board found the reality is worse than it sounds. Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge Today, let’s talk about a new opinion from Meta’s Oversight Board that attempts to square a tension at the heart of any big social network: on one hand, a […]