Inside Elon’s “extremely hardcore” Twitter

Twitter’s staff spent years trying to protect the social media site against impulsive billionaires who wanted to use the reach of its platform for their own ends, and then one made himself the CEO. Share this story This article is a collaboration between New York Magazine and The Verge. It was reported by Zoe Schiffer and Casey Newton, who […]

Tuesday’s top tech news: An Apple (a) day

Last year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro.Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Apple is rumored to be making an announcement today, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The company hasn’t got an event scheduled, which suggests any announcement is going to come via a more low-key press release. Who knows, by the time you’re reading this […]

Microsoft launches Azure OpenAI service with ChatGPT coming soon

/ ChatGPT is coming to this Azure service soon, as businesses get to use new AI models in their own apps. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft is rolling out its Azure OpenAI service this week, allowing businesses to integrate tools like DALL-E into their own cloud apps. Microsoft has been testing this […]

Getty Images is suing the creators of AI art tool Stable Diffusion for scraping its content

/ Getty Images claims Stability AI ‘unlawfully’ scraped millions of images from its site. It’s a significant escalation in the developing legal battles between generative AI firms and content creators. An image created by Stable Diffusion showing a recreation of Getty Images’ watermark. Image: The Verge / Stable Diffusion Getty Images is suing Stability AI, […]

Google reportedly working on AirTag-like location trackers

/ The tracker is allegedly codenamed ‘Grogu’ and may finally make use of the UWB support featured on the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro. Leaks suggest Google is working on its own first-party tracking tags to use alongside its in-development Finder Network.Illustration: The Verge Google is reportedly working on a location tracking tag […]

New Pixel Fold leak lands in physical space

Google Pixel YouTuber Dave2D posted a video with a plastic mockup of the rumored Pixel foldable. The details are consistent with earlier leaks. Good news for foldables nerds! Share this story “I know it’s just a hunk of plastic, but there’s just so much you can tell from it.” – Dave2D The Pixel Fold isn’t […]

Netflix launched its streaming service 15 years ago today

/ The teenage streaming years have presented the company with major competitors from the likes of Amazon and Apple, but 15 years ago it was all about mailing DVDs and Blockbuster. Way back before the tudum sound, it was just the sweet sweet sound of a disc spinning up.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge […]