Audeze’s $300 gaming headset promises comfort and multipoint Bluetooth

/ Audeze has released another $300 gaming headset ($350 if you game on Xbox). This one has a more understated look than the 2021 Penrose, and it promises improvements to comfort and battery life. The Maxwell has a more subdued design than Audeze’s previous gaming headset, the Penrose.Image credit: Audeze While Razer, Logitech, and other […]

ChatGPT proves AI is finally mainstream — and things are only going to get weirder

Artificial Intelligence Researchers talk about the ‘capability overhang,’ or hidden skills and dangers, of artificial intelligence. As the technology goes mainstream, we’re going to discover a lot of new things about them. Share this story A friend of mine texted me earlier this week to ask what I thought of ChatGPT. I wasn’t surprised he […]

What’s the dumbest privacy choice you’ve made online?

/ We’ve all done something very stupid online that was related to our privacy. What was your dumbest moment? Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge AI is in at the moment. Everyone is talking to ChatGPT like it’s an AOL chatbot circa 2001, and everyone else is happily handing their pictures over to Lensa […]

Dyson Zone “air purifying” headphones cost almost $1,000

/ Almost $1,000 to look like the love child of Daft Punk and Bane. Available to preorder in the US starting March 2023. The Dyson Zone will initially release in China in January 2023 before being made available for US preorders in March.Image: Dyson Dyson has released additional details for its Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones, […]

Philips Hue lights are 20 percent off at Amazon when you buy three

/ You can also save on Apple’s latest MacBook Air and Amazon’s Fire HD tablets, some of which are currently matching their Black Friday pricing. The discount only applies when you bundle the company’s latest smart bulbs and select items.Image: Philips Hue Whether you’re looking to decorate your home with colorful smart lights or shopping […]

Our favorite deals we actually bought this year

/ The staff of The Verge likes to take advantage of a sale as much as anyone — here are some we’ve pounced on. Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Here at The Verge, we are just as eager to take advantage of sales and other good deals as anyone else (more so, perhaps, […]

Reddit’s 2022 recap transforms users into trading cards

/ If you’ve gotten enough karma this year, your card will have an extra flashy background. You’ve activated my… Reddit trading card!Card images: Reddit It’s app recap season once again, and Reddit is getting in on the moment with its second annual personalized recap. This year, your recap will include an autogenerated trading card that […]

Starling Bank’s new virtual cards are what every bank needs

/ Starling lets you create multiple free virtual cards to manage spending, saving, and security. They behave just like regular debit cards with a unique card number, CVV, and expiry date. Starling Bank’s virtual debit cards.Image: Starling Bank UK-based Starling Bank is introducing new virtual debit cards this week that will help customers manage spending, […]