What you should know before buying refurbished gadgets

Tech/ How to / It’s always a gamble, but the odds are in your favor that you’ll get a great product and save a lot of money. Stick with what you’re comfortable buying refurbished. For some, that excludes items like earbuds. Gadgets get a second life when you buy refurbished.Photo by Chris Welch / The […]

Xbox Game Pass’ November lineup includes two of the best games of the year

/ Return to Monkey Island and Vampire Survivors will be available on Xbox Game Pass this month, and if you haven’t played them already, you really should Return to Monkey Island hits Game Pass on November 8th.Image: Devolver Digital Xbox Game Pass is getting some great games in November, including the official Xbox releases of […]

Tilda Swinton is her own mother in the first trailer for A24’s The Eternal Daughter

/ Director Joanna Hogg’s next A24 feature will star Tilda Swinton as a haunted mother and daughter duo on holiday Director Joanna Hogg’s The Eternal Daughter, starring Tilda Swinton, mesmerized audiences at this year’s Venice Film Festival with its quiet, arresting story about a woman and her elderly mother being haunted by the mysterious presence […]

Ring’s car alarm might actually escape vaporware status

/ In October, Ring said it plans on releasing the car alarm in the ‘next year or so’ Ring may be getting closer to launching the car alarm it announced over two years ago. A new report from Zatz Not Funny! reveals an image of the device recently added to the Ring Android app as […]

Twitter discontinues ad-free articles for Blue subscribers

/ An email sent to publishers says Twitter’s getting rid of the feature to focus its ‘resources on adding additional value’ to subscribers Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Twitter’s getting rid of one of Blue’s best perks: ad-free articles. In a message sent out to publishers and forwarded to The Verge, Twitter says […]

How to create custom Apple Watch interval workouts

/ The long overdue feature helps anyone who likes intervals, tempo workouts, or is on a training plan Custom interval workouts are a long overdue feature for Apple Watches.Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge While you’ve always been able to customize Apple Watch workouts, the company finally added the ability to create custom interval […]

Why Amazon VP Steve Boom just made the entire music catalog free with Prime

Apple Music raised its rates. Will Amazon Music follow suit? Share this story Photo illustration by Will Joel / The Verge Steve Boom is the VP of Amazon Music, and he has a great name for the music business. He’s on the show because Amazon just announced that it is upgrading the music service that […]

Amazon Music’s entire library is now free for Prime subscribers

/ 100 million songs, included with your Prime subscription — but you’ll have to be happy living in shuffle mode Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Amazon is expanding its music offering, opening up its full catalog of 100 million songs in Amazon Music to Prime subscribers at no extra charge. The company is […]

HBO Max appears to confirm January 15th premiere for The Last of Us TV adaptation

/ Officially, the show has a vague ‘2023’ release date HBO’s adaption of The Last of Us could premiere on Sunday, January 15th, according to text that’s appeared from HBO Max. Multiple users across Twitter are reporting seeing the date alongside a teaser trailer released for the show, and we’ve verified that the text is […]