The mystery of Biden’s deadlocked FCC

How often do the parent companies of Fox News and MSNBC team up? Share this story Photo illustration by William Joel / The Verge, Photo by Pete Marovich / Getty Images Today, we’re just talking about a problem. That problem is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently short a commissioner, and the Biden administration […]

Philips Hue Bridge is getting updated to Matter early next year

Smart Home/ Tech / The free software update is coming to all users by March of 2023. Developers can access the beta firmware starting today. Image: Philips Hue The Philips Hue Bridge is now Matter certified, with a software update coming to all users by Q1 2023. The free update will make most existing and […]

The NYPD has joined Amazon’s Ring Neighbors surveillance network

/ The country’s largest police force will tap into one of the most extensive private camera networks. Amazon Ring spotlight camera.Image: Ring The New York Police Department has joined Ring Neighbors, the neighborhood surveillance network built around Amazon’s Ring security cameras. The partnership, announced yesterday, means the NYPD will view people’s posts on Neighbors and […]

Manchester City launches a new wearable performance tracker

/ The Cityplay tracker is the club’s second wearable. It’s meant to help ordinary players improve their technical skills. The tracker was previously used in Manchester City’s Academy.Image: Manchester City FC Say what you like about Manchester City FC, but it’s a soccer club that loves wearable gadgets. Not only does it have a smart […]

OpenAI opens up AI text-to-image generation to businesses with launch of DALL-E API

/ Companies and developers will be able to use the API to integrate DALL-E directly into products and software. An example of DALL-E’s “outpainting” function, which generates imagery outside an initial starting frame. Image: OpenAI OpenAI is making its image generation software DALL-E much more widely available to businesses with the launch of an API […]

Elon Musk’s first Hyperloop tunnel in California is gone

/ The test tunnel that hosted student competitions in 2018 and 2019 has been removed and replaced with parking spots for SpaceX employees. The Hyperloop tube hosted student competitions in 2018 and 2019.Photo by Pauline Acalin for The Verge Elon Musk’s first prototype Hyperloop tunnel is no more. Bloomberg reports that the roughly one-mile-long white […]

Black Friday 2022 deals: the when, what, and where

/ Some Black Friday deals may have started early, but the big sales day is fast approaching. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Black Friday officially kicks off on November 25th, but if you plan to make that the only day you buy gifts this holiday season, you’re missing out. Several retailers, including Best Buy […]

Best Buy is offering Totaltech members a chance to snag a PS5 on November 7th

/ In a surprising move, Best Buy is giving us a heads-up as to when to expect a fresh supply of Sony’s disc-based console. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge According to the PlayStation 5 product page at Best Buy, Totaltech members will be able to purchase a console starting on November 7th at […]

Lyft to lay off 13 percent of its workforce as economic outlook darkens

/ The ride-hail company is expected to slash hundreds of roles, with Lyft’s president citing a potential recession and worsening economic outlook. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Lyft is laying off 13 percent of its workforce in the second round of major cuts to hit the ride-hailing company this year. The layoffs, which […]

Netflix’s $6.99 per month ad tier is now live

/ Netflix had been resistant to an ad tier, but as it tries to find new sources of revenue, the company decided earlier this year that ads could actually be okay Now you can get Netflix cheaper — but with ads.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Netflix with ads is finally here. After resisting […]