CNN accused of rug pull as it abandons its NFT project

/ CNN is dropping the development of its marketplace selling collectible ‘Moments’ tied to major news events, angering users who’d spent thousands of dollars and were sold on exclusive access and features coming in the future. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge On Monday afternoon, as pointed out by Parker Molloy, CNN ended its […]

The Verge Guide to Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

Highlighting only the best deals and discounts during Amazon’s two-day sales event Amazon Prime Day is no longer a once-per-year shopping event. This year, the company is hosting a second deal extravaganza for Prime members called the Prime Early Access Sale, which kicks off tomorrow, October 11th, and runs through Wednesday, October 12th. If it’s […]

China asked Elon Musk not to sell Starlink within the country

/ The Chinese government “sought assurances he would not sell Starlink in China” after Musk made the terminals available in Ukraine. Laura Normand / The Verge In an interview with the Financial Times last week, Elon Musk revealed that figures in the Chinese government have asked him directly to withhold Starlink access within China. Musk […]

COVID misinfo is the biggest challenge for Twitter’s Birdwatch program, data shows

Analysis by The Verge shows that Birdwatch users regularly tackle misinformation topics with the highest stakes, including pandemic response Share this story Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Shutterstock As of October 6th, Twitter’s Birdwatch community moderation program has been expanded to all US users.  It’s a big step for Birdwatch, which was officially launched in […]

This is Microsoft’s Xbox game streaming device

/ The head of Xbox has future hardware on his shelf Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has just revealed the company’s dedicated Xbox game streaming device. Spencer published a photo of the device on Twitter, where you can see it sitting on top of his shelf in […]

This clever bicycle bell hides an Apple AirTag

/ A warning to tourists and thieves AirBell discreetly hides an Apple AirTag tracker to keep tabs on your bicycle.Image: AirBell Riding a city bike comes with two certainties: thieves will target you and tourists will walk in your path. AirBell addresses both issues by discretely hiding one of Apple’s AirTag trackers inside a small […]

Wild Hearts’ monsters will make you feel threatened — even the cute ones

/ The directors of Omega Force’s new hunting game talk about their ambitious take on the genre The creators of Wild Hearts, an upcoming hunting game from Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force, really want you to feel threatened while playing. Much like the Monster Hunter series, the goal in Wild Hearts is to take down […]

Apple MacBook Air M2 (2022) review: all-new Air

New design, new display, new processor, new price Share this story After 14 years, three revisions, and two different processor architectures, the iconic wedge shape of the MacBook Air is now history. In its place is a MacBook Air with a completely new design that’s the same thickness from front to back. Virtually every aspect […]

How images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope get their iconic look

Welcome to theaesthetics of space photography Share this story Image: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI The stunning appearance of the Carina Nebula in the earliest released images from the James Webb Space Telescope owes a lot to Alyssa Pagan. As a science visuals developer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, she is one of the processors […]