Major European airlines mislead customers with carbon offset credits, report says

/ Don’t believe all the hype. Purchasing carbon offset credits doesn’t clean up aviation’s pollution problem. A Lufthansa Boeing 747-430 landing in Barcelona on September 30th, 2022. Photo by Urbanandsport/NurPhoto via Getty Images Airlines are selling passengers false hope that they can cancel out their flight’s negative impact on the environment, according to a new report. […]

Mark Zuckerberg takes a shot at Apple’s closed ecosystem

/ He strongly believes that Meta’s offering an ‘open, interoperable metaverse built by many different developers and companies’ Mark Zuckerberg is making it clear that he’s ready for a fight with Apple. During Meta’s Connect conference today and in an interview with The Verge, he said that Apple’s currently unannounced VR platform is going to […]

Google adds customizable EQ to its Pixel Buds Pro earbuds

/ You can change up how the Pixel Buds Pro sound by moving the sliders yourself or choosing from presets Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Owners of Google’s Pixel Buds Pro can now take much greater control over the way the earbuds sound. Google has announced that, as of the latest firmware update, […]

Bastion and Torbjörn have been temporarily removed from Overwatch 2

/ Glitches resulted in the heroes being taken removed from certain game modes or disabled completely Image: Blizzard Bugs in Overwatch 2 are like a Hydra — you cut off one head, and two more appear. After login issues, problems with account merges, backlash against the game’s new SMS Protect feature, and taking down the […]

Marvel’s Blade has been put on hold

/ After losing its director, Marvel’s upcoming Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali is being put on hold as the studio refines the project The Blade production logo.Image: Marvel Studios Though Marvel’s been hyping up its new Blade feature for quite some time, the studio’s now pumping brakes on the production as it looks for a […]

Save $300 on Shark’s LIDAR-powered AI Ultra XL robovac

/ Unlike iRobot’s Roomba models, this vacuum maps your home with the assistance of lidar for more precise navigation, and now it’s just $349.99 This Shark robot vacuum is only sold as a package with its self-cleaning charging station.Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge If you’re in the market for a quality robot […]

Meta figured out legs for its avatars

/ But we’ll be waiting for this key evolution for a while Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar now has legs.Image: Meta Meta’s Horizon avatars will be getting legs. So far, the company’s avatars have weirdly just hovered off the ground, but sometime later next year, Meta will let you add legs to your avatars on VR, mobile, […]

Microsoft partners with Meta to bring Teams, Office, Windows, and Xbox to VR

/ The biggest Microsoft and Meta partnership since the Windows Phone days Microsoft Teams on Meta’s Quest VR headsets.Image: Meta Microsoft and Meta looked like they were on a collision course last year, poised to compete heavily for the future of work in the metaverse. But today, both companies announced they are partnering to collaborate […]

Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to the Meta Quest

/ We don’t know when, but at some point, you’ll be able to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on a big screen in a Quest VR headset. Image: Meta Microsoft is bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to Meta’s Quest VR platform. The two companies announced the partnership at Meta’s Connect event on Tuesday but didn’t announce a […]

The Meta Quest Pro will feature the new Snapdragon XR2 Plus VR chip

/ The Quest Pro’s setup allows for better heat dissipation and is capable of 50 percent higher sustained power compared to the first-gen chipset The Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset.Photo by Alex Heath / The Verge Meta finally showed off its Quest Pro virtual reality (VR) headset at its Connect event on Tuesday, revealing […]