How to share a calendar on Mac

/ Want to show your friends your goings-on? Here’s how to share (and unshare) an iCloud calendar from your Mac. Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge Need to show a friend or relative what you’re up to next week and don’t have your phone handy? Try sharing your calendar from your MacBook with a […]

How to make green bubbles easier to read on iPhone

/ Green bubbles signifying text messages can be tough to parse on iOS. A feature in settings changes the green color for the better. Here’s what the darker green bubbles look like.Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge Apple probably won’t be fixing the green bubble problem anytime soon. But over the weekend, while scrolling […]

Help, Foxconn has gone from AI 8K+5G to “3+3=∞”

Tech/ Policy / The company has a new vision for whatever is going on in Wisconsin and a new website that proudly notes you can see its empty dome from the highway. Er, sorry: ‘data center.’ That’s Foxconn president Liu Young-way going way beyond the boundaries of traditional mathematics.Image: Getty It has never been clear […]

You won’t need an Apple Watch to try Fitness Plus starting October 24th

/ Apple wants everyone, not just Apple Watch owners, to get addicted to closing their rings You won’t need an Apple Watch to chill with Gregg Cook. Image: Apple Soon, you won’t need an Apple Watch to close your rings. Starting October 24th, anyone with an iPhone updated to iOS 16.1 can subscribe to Apple’s […]

You can find a rare discount on the Nintendo Switch OLED at eBay

Deals/ Tech / Woot is also featuring discounts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and refurbished models of Apple’s M1 iMac desktop Any day you can get the Switch OLED for less than $300 is a good day.Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge We’ve got a bunch of rare discounts coming your way […]

Google’s new ad hub offers more control over the advertising it shows you

/ With the option to customize which brands and topics you see or turn off ads personalization entirely Illustration: The Verge After announcing it back at Google I/O in May, Google is beginning to roll out a hub this week that it says will give you more control over which ads it shows you and […]

Final Fantasy XVI’s new trailer has huge monsters and even bigger crystals

/ Summer 2023 is far too long to wait for the next installment in the Final Fantasy series Image: Square Enix A slightly embarrassing leak from IGN Southeast Asia tipped fans off that a new Final Fantasy XVI trailer might be dropping today, and here it is. The four-minute-long trailer titled “Ambition” doesn’t reveal too […]

How to set up a spooky smart home this Halloween

Want the spookiest smart home on the block? Here’s how to get a creepy yet cool setup using smart speakers, smart lights, and video doorbells. Smart home gadgets are excellent tools for creating a creepy scene at your front door this Halloween. Here, I’ll show you how I use smart lighting, smart speakers, motion sensors, […]

DeFi abandons Ponzi farms for ‘real yield’ – Cointelegraph Magazine

Decentralized finance is beginning to embrace a hot new phrase: “real yield.” It refers to DeFi projects that survive purely on distributing the actual revenue they generate rather than incentivizing stakeholders by handing out dilutionary free tokens. Where does this real yield come from? Are “fees” really a sustainable model for growth at this early […]